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Researchers from Cardiff University say this could be a "one size fits all" cancer therapy.

Scientists from the University of Bristol are looking to recycle radioactive material.

The two Boeing 737 Max crashes in 2019 may have been prevented had the 2009 investigation been publicly disclosed.

Segway’s self-balancing electric wheelchair has a maximum speed of 38km/h and is inspired by the geospheres in the film Jurassic World. #engineering 

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Forty percent of its output by the 2030s will be hybrids and EVs.

This video shows a mysterious house in Baltimore that is not what it seems.

Boeing already secured at least $6 billion in loans.

The WHO will convene a meeting this week to determine if the outbreak constitutes a public health emergency.

Break up the monotony of your working day with these 9 brilliant scientific questions.

This brake caliper was created using the process of additive manufacturing Via: @Bugatti  #engineering 


This device stitches you up without the need of stitches via

These vibrantly colorful 3D-printed prosthetics are offered to kids for free

This scrubber cleans your feet in the shower without the need to bend over 🚿

This hydraulic excavator can move like a spider via @XCMGGroup 

Unitree’s four-legged robodog called Laikago can be your future pet. #engineering  #design  #ces2020 

This solar-powered weeding robot offers more sustainable use of herbicides via @ecoRobotix 

This solar-powered weeding robot offers more sustainable use of herbicides..