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Apis Cor has created the world’s first ever residential 3D printed house. 🏠 Find more at 🎥 @ApisCor3D  #engineering 

Google Lens will include a 'Homework' filter that solves math problems using an app called Socratic. 🤓

Thanks to a broken cable, one of the world's largest single-dish radio telescopes now has a 100-foot hole in it. 😰

This guy timed the Super Mario soundtrack and the game effects perfectly while the game goes on. 👾 🎥 gregoryderosa / TikTok#engineering 

Bricking your battery now has a completely new meaning, thanks to these Washington University researchers. 🤔

But, can we help it? Some researchers have gone as far as to say technology has been designed to be addictive. 📱

The firm edges ever closer to full self-driving capabilities. 🚗

This robot might be your next medical assistant. 🤖🤓 🎥 @ABBgroupnews  #engineering  #robotics  #robots 

CEOs of Accenture and Mastercard weigh in on what technologies will have the greatest impact on business on the CES. 🧐 #engineering  #CES2021  #CES 


This device stitches you up without the need of stitches via

These vibrantly colorful 3D-printed prosthetics are offered to kids for free

This scrubber cleans your feet in the shower without the need to bend over ?

This hydraulic excavator can move like a spider via @XCMGGroup 

The Menzi Muck, also called the spider excavator, can adapt to any terrains to excavate. Via: @Menzi_Muck_eu  #engineering 

This solar-powered weeding robot offers more sustainable use of herbicides..

This solar-powered weeding robot offers more sustainable use of herbicides via @ecoRobotix