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The software glitch, which was identified by Boeing and reported to the FAA, was found in the flight-control computer.

Everybody knows SpaceX is hoping to go to Mars and begin human colonization of the solar system, but this week, Elon Musk explained the scope of the company's ambitions: 1 million humans living on Mars by the 2050s.

Find the best gaming laptops developed for casual and competitive gamers.

Creating drones that can bend their wings will make it easier to maneuver.

Essential facts about the new energy economy that you probably didn’t know.

This portable machine will have you cutting firewood in no time. Via: #engineering 

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention teams will test incoming passengers for a new virus, and those showing symptoms will be quarantined.

Haier’s new smart mirror scans your body to show you how your clothes will look on you. #engineering 

Are you ready to have your favorite crime drama ruined?

The team used transmission electron microscopy to achieve this impressive video.


This device stitches you up without the need of stitches via

These vibrantly colorful 3D-printed prosthetics are offered to kids for free

This scrubber cleans your feet in the shower without the need to bend over 🚿

This hydraulic excavator can move like a spider via @XCMGGroup 

Unitree’s four-legged robodog called Laikago can be your future pet. #engineering  #design  #ces2020 

This solar-powered weeding robot offers more sustainable use of herbicides via @ecoRobotix 

This solar-powered weeding robot offers more sustainable use of herbicides..