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The Tony Blair Institute for Global Change is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to making globalisation work for the many, not the few.

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Hear Tony Blair discuss the need for countries which are succeeding in their vaccination rollout to urgently offer their support to countries around the world.   @SkyNews : 7:45AM @timesradio : 8:15AM

TBI colleagues were delighted to be joined by @ariannahuff  for a special wellbeing conversation. Building on #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek ’s theme of nature & environment, Arianna shared @thrive  Global’s ethos on taking better care of ourselves to take better care of our planet.

Join the next #TBItalks  on Tuesday 22nd June where @jeegarkakkad  will discuss how #workingfromhome  jobs are reshaping the geography of work with guest speakers @janinemberg  , @BaldwinRE  , @jreynoldsMP  . Register here:

Countries that are succeeding in their #COVID19  vaccine rollout must urgently offer their support to countries in need around the world. @AmbassadorGreen  explains why strategic vaccination against #COVID19  is key to saving lives, reopening borders and restarting economies 👇

Tony Blair on #Marr : What [the Institute] is saying is you won’t be able to vaccinate the whole world in in 2021. But what you could do is vaccinate the most vulnerable in 2021.   Read our plan:

Could mandatory use of the NHS Covid Pass at mass events & nightclubs over the summer prevent millions of #COVID19  infections and save thousands of lives? @ianmulheirn  & @DavidJBritto  say it can.


The Institute’s purpose is to equip leaders for the challenges they have and the #COVID19  challenge is extraordinary and unprecedented. We are now doing everything we can to support the governments and the countries with whom we work – Tony Blair.

Anything the Government wants to do with DFID, for example to make it more strategically aligned with Foreign Office objectives, it can easily do with an independent department. But getting rid of it at this point in time, is a big mistake. Watch Tony Blair's full response ↓

Any assertion that the last Labour government was a continuation of the Thatcher era is bad politics & worse history. 1997-2010 saw huge improvements in Britain's public services, with millions lifted out of poverty & radical changes made to the lives of many, for the better ?

Tony Blair & Sir John Major: “The overt repudiation of the (Withdrawal) Treaty… puts the Good Friday Agreement at risk because it negates the predictability, political stability and legal clarity… that is at the core of the (Irish) Peace Process.

@DFID_UK  became a major arm of British soft power; it helped 40m children into school & prevented millions of deaths from killer diseases. Its achievements are part of what makes this country great and it's foolish to abandon it.

The present vaccination plan must be altered & radically accelerated for us to avoid colossal economic & health damage going into 2021. Read Tony Blair's call for a rethink of the UK's vaccine rollout in @Independent :

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