The definition of durability: 10 #manufacturing  companies that have reached the century mark #mfg  #industrial  #History 

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A poker-playing billionaire can’t get enough of London real estate

Or this: "It was knowledge that enabled those 1,000 British civil servants to govern the vast subcontinent of India". No it wasn't, it was military power.

“But that is the problem Americans have. They want it both ways. They want the benefits of living in a social democracy — at the price of living in a capitalist one.”

“Having failed to anticipate Iranian reprisals against maximum pressure, the United States later failed to deter the assault or to act effectively once it began.”

“The average American has found themselves in neo-serfdom precisely because capital takes a full half of the economy. The result is that there isn’t enough left for everyone else to build anything much with—from decent lives, to a working society.”

Meet the Silicon Valley CEO and mom who wrote the viral, extremely detailed job listing for a "household manager/cook/nanny." Cc: @adamfeuerstein ⁩ @natesadeghi ⁩

Gun enthusiasts have not been "panic buying" recently out of concerns about new gun control laws, but that may change as the election heats up

SA Army Officers Accused of Reign of Terror in Lesotho: #Lesotho 

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