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I find it disconcerting a proportion of the British public have faith in a Conservative Government’s propaganda and lies.

Be OK with failure. It sucks and makes us feel all types of ways. Through those emotions there is ALWAYS wisdom if you choose to find it. Failure and facing it can be a helpful tool to success.

Has any current NFL player come out yet denouncing DeSean Jackson? I haven’t seen anyone but maybe I missed someone. You are either against all hate or you are not. It’s not a pick and choose proposition.

Still one of the best comments the Internet has ever seen 😂 (via @SHAQ )

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PULISIC MAKES IT 2-0! 🦅 0-2 🔵 [27'] #CRYCHE 

Louisiana: White folks with guns came out to intimidate BLM protestors — and support confederate monuments. So the next day these guys came out - but ppl didn’t like it, even though It’s an open carry state. The 2nd amendment applies to everyone...

GIROUD! 1-0! 👏 🦅 0-1 🔵 [4'] #CRYCHE 

Several black children were murdered over the weekend, and it’s very telling who isn’t calling for gun control, but want to bring a version of marshal law to these areas.