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Sunil Gavaskar / Watch

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You know that Downing Street Xmas party that the government party denies ever happened, well @itvnews  has exclusive footage of a mock Downing St press conference four days after in which head of broadcast Ed Oldfield and @ITVAllegra  joke about it.

Real America wants safe cities, affordable gas, and freedom. Democrats gave us record crime, record inflation, and Fauci.

If you missed @senatemajldr  on the floor today, here's what you need to know: the GOP plan for child care is that American families should keep paying too much for it.

oh my god the full clip is so so so much worse

In the richest country in the history of the world, mothers should have a right to spend time with their newborns. We must enact paid family and medical leave NOW.

Instead asking big government to breakup big tech, conservatives and libertarians should support competitors like @rumblevideo !  

Bannon's podcast has become a command center for an explicitly anti-democratic politics, an openly declared far-right insurgency. *Nonstop lies about 2020 *Valorizes 1/6 insurrectionists as "political prisoners" *Attacks legitimacy of Biden "regime":

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Ontario science table's new #COVID19  case projections show them rising "substantially, even without Omicron," calls for increasing vaxxing and public health measures. Worst-case close to 3,000 cases/day by mid-Jan, 1,500 in mid-range scenario. Now averaging almost 1,000. #onpoli 

UK reports highest weekly number of new Covid cases since January

Volkswagen launches 'Tiguan' priced at Rs 32 lakh; SUVs to drive VW to succes in India? #BusinessToday  Full video -