Centers Disease Control Prevention

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said the vaccines approved by the FDA for use, as well as those authorised by the WHO, will be accepted for entry into the country.

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Centers Disease Control Prevention

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Last year President Trump announced an agreement slashing the out of pocket cost of insulin to $35 - The press barely covered it. Now Biden is announcing the same, taking credit for it, and is getting wall to wall coverage..

State lawmakers across the country have bills written and ready to go that will restrict people’s right to vote in 2022. The way we put a stop to it? Passing the Freedom to Vote Act.

11.5% of Americans do not plan on buying Christmas gifts this year. That’s a record.

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Devin Nunes is retiring. He was in line to be Ways and Means chairman in the House Republican majority He is “rumored” to be taking a job with the Trump media start up

From the Washington Post Editorial BoardFred Hiatt was an editor of surpassing integrity, intelligence and compassion @PostOpinions ⁩

“I would say 75 to 85% would have to get vaccinated if you want to have that blanket of herd immunity.” Had this figure changed since Fauci said it last December?

“Trump Media & Technology Group (‘TMTG’) today announced that Congressman Devin G. Nunes has been selected to join the Company as Chief Executive Officer,” release says

I’ll be giving a tribute to my dear friend Bob Dole soon on the Senate floor

I join the nation in mourning the passing of Bob Dole today. By joining forces with Democrats to pass the Americans with Disabilities Act, his service to this country reminds us of a better day in America. May he rest in peace.