Himanta Biswa Sarma / India

Himanta Biswa Sarma@himantabiswa ) to be the next CM of #Assam . Here’s why he turned out to be the top choice for BJP. India Today’s @Rahulshrivstv  explains. #ITVideo 

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Himanta Biswa Sarma / India

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Incompetent PM tells us to be “cautious” - conveniently forgetting to add we’re making up for *his* lack of caution when he delayed putting India on red list for 3 weeks in April so he visit for trade talks - he is responsible for what was avoidable but is now a necessary delay

I have this radical lefty belief that the richest man in the world should pay more than $0 in federal income taxes.

#BREAKING Just sad that @GOPLeader  McCarthy — despite saying he would — STILL refuses to meet with Jan. 6 hero Officer Michael Fanone.

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for Clinton's 1993 deficit-reduction plan: 0 Republican votes for Obama's 2010 national health care plan: 0 Republican votes for Biden's 2021 covid-relief plan: 0 Republican votes the modern GOP response to Democratic governance is total resistance

Dancing indoors at weddings banned, dancing outdoors “not recommended”. It is like being back in Cromwell’s England

In the four months that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have been in office, we’ve experienced a border crisis, a gas crisis, and a war in the Middle East.   Now, we’re also on the verge of an inflation crisis.

Breaking: Texas’ main power grid struggled to keep up with the demand for electricity Monday, prompting the operator to ask Texans to conserve power until Friday.

The pandemic wouldn't have been as bad if public health officials had realized most people regard in-person social interaction as 'essential', are not bad people for it, and that a strategy centered around expecting them to sacrifice it for months at a time was never gonna work.

President Biden is now 2.5 hours late to his news conference at NATO. No explanation yet from aides.