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Three generations of Afghan children have been born into exile. We cannot let the crisis in Afghanistan continue. We need international solidarity to find a solution now. The cost of inaction is much too high.

In her book, Mary Trump says: "I watched in real time as Donald shredded norms, endangered alliances, and trod upon the vulnerable. The only thing about it that surprised me was the increasing number of people willing to enable him.” @eelarson 

The Pulitzer Prize-winning "One of Ours" is a haunting novel of youth, the prairie, influenza, and war, Alex Ross writes.

#News . DC Council approves CoMemGrosso’s bid to strip DC Police of public school security. YES - R. White, T. White, Allen, Gray, Grosso, McDuffie, Nadeau, Silverman. NO - Bonds, Cheh, Mendelson, Pinto, Todd. DCPS had opposed plan @kojoshow  @wcp 

I'll give you just one example: Duolingo, one of the most successful start-ups to come out of Pennsylvania, was co-founded by @severinhacker  , who was an international student at Carnegie Mellon, and @LuisvonAhn  , former international student and Guatemalan-American entrepreneur.

If we want to provide better therapies for patients & develop a safe & effective vaccine that's free for everyone, the Trump Admin has to do better. The decisions we make will have a big difference in terms of where we are a year from now, so it’s critical we make the right ones.

At least 50 people killed as major floods hit Japan