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#RepublicDayIndia The first address of PM Modi's monthly programme in 2020 will be done on the #RepublicDay2020 

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Sending this one out to @KevinMKruse , who’s on his way to Austin.

The 2008 financial crisis was a reminder that the risks of being too big or too interconnected to fail extend beyond a single economic sector. This new report explores systemic risks across the broad economy:

Keeping our elections safe should be a top priority for both parties. Yet Democrats are the only ones taking election security seriously.

Check out the last episodes of the #CatchAndKill  Podcast, which go inside the implosion of Donald Trump’s secret deal with the National Enquirer—starting with FBI raids and prosecutors grilling the lawyer behind two transactions to bury stories. Listen:

Here he is after the win, courtesy of USA Today. He’s actually wearing a Toronto T-shirt underneath the Carolina jersey because, well, that’s what was he was wearing when he was sitting in the stands watching the game with his wife.

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"Hey@realMsGreen , What organic vegan eggs, dairy, and meat have carnivores eating out of your hands? —Lona" via @Sierra_Magazine 

Supreme Court allows Trump's controversial immigrant "public charge" rule to take effect across country

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This movement is about empowering people the political process has ignored for far too long. We have the multiracial, multigenerational coalition to win the White House. Live from Houston: