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Barr insists that prosecutions are inherently political and should by overseen by hands-on political appointees who are more accountable to the people at election time (or at least the president who appointed them is).

It’s interesting because this approach suggests AG Loretta Lynch should have made the decision whether to prosecute Hillary Clinton in 2016: should have shrugged off the meeting with Bill Clinton; told Comey what to do; even stopped him from re-opening the probe if she wanted.

Joe Biden: "If you want to check my shape, let's do push-ups together man, let's run, let's do whatever you want to do. Let's take an IQ test."

I do concede his basic point: if Matt Bevin hadn’t lost the election, he would’ve won it.

Would a @Conservatives  majority in Westminster be a mandate for @BorisJohnson 's Brexit deal? @NicolaSturgeon  says the @ScotTories  should win the election here if they want to take Scotland out of the EU. See the full #scotnight  interview at the later time of 11.10pm.

Talked with @VOANews  today about the importance of U.S.-Ukraine ties and how the impeachment inquiry is affecting that relationship.

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Press Watch: Here's who treated the faux outrage over Barron Trump as if it were real news

“I’m not sure who in the majority thought that Americans wanted to be lectured by three biased law professors,” said a White House official.

Rep. Tom Graves of Georgia is the latest of nearly two dozen Republicans slated to give up their House seats after 2020.

The Trump campaign announces a "Merry Christmas" rally in Battle Creek, Mich., on Dec. 18 - the week during which Trump is on track to be impeached by the House