His statement came a day after PM #Modi  addressed the #SCOSummit  in Bishkek

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I am the son of an immigrant. I will always stand with immigrants. In college, I was arrested fighting segregation. I will always stand against racism, bigotry and hate. Today, we are building a movement that will defeat Trump and transform this country. #DemDebate 

I led opposition to the War in Iraq. Joe Biden voted for it. We need to end our endless wars. #DemDebate 

Proud to be the second Black woman elected to the U.S. Senate. #DemDebate 

We know that Putin interfered in our elections in 2016. And we know Putin is doing it again. So why, @senatemajldr  Mitch McConnell? Why are you blocking tough sanctions on foreign nations like Russia who interfere in our elections from being including in the NDAA?

When we overcome injustices, we will unlock the potential of the American people. That's the America I believe in. And that's why I'm running for president. #DemDebate 

If you’re 18, you should have the right to vote. End of discussion. #DemDebate 

It is women who control their own bodies, not politicians. #DemDebate 

We will prosecute the fossil fuel executives who knowingly destroyed the planet. #DemDebate 

Saudi Arabia is not a reliable ally. It is a dictatorship that tries to crush democracy and treats women as third-class citizens. #DemDebate