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If military assistance to Ukraine in the short term won’t make any difference, why are the Russians so upset about it?

BREAKING: State Department orders diplomats' families to leave U.S. embassy in Kyiv amid Russia tensions.

Half of first-wave Covid cases may have lasting harm to sense of smell

John Stockton, one of the most celebrated basketball players in history, is barred from attending games at his alma mater, Gonzaga University, because he refused to comply with the school’s mask mandate. His season tickets were revoked.

Four people are dead and another is in critical condition after multiple gunmen opened fire at a Southern California home Sunday morning in what authorities said appeared to be a "targeted ambush."

Police Officer Wilbert Mora will be transferred from Harlem Hospital to NYU Langone Medical Center today. He remains in critical condition.

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Florida just passed a bill that would prohibit schools and private business from making white people feel uncomfortable when teaching historic racism. "This bill and the purpose is white fragility personified," Jonathan Capehart says.

Ivanka facing threat from her father if she doesn't defend his Jan 6th actions: @MaryLTrump 

Burkina Faso gov’t denies army takeover amid mutinies by soldiers