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  3. no, a school wasn't forcing children to pay 5p for water on the hottest day of the year
No, a school wasn't forcing children to pay 5p for water on the hottest day of the year https://t.co/gwRQ0V1pNE


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The Class XII boy and his Class XI friend ran into trouble after the former gave the latter a congratulatory hug for good performance during a cultural programme in their school. Reports @gopitrivandrum
“Today the Alabama state constitution still mandates that there be racial segregation in education with ‘separate schools for white and colored children’” (the state voted in both 2004 + 2012 to keep this language)
RT @6abcFYIPhilly: Now coming to the stage: Hall and Oates!

@HoagieNation, Parks on Tap in South Philly, and #SailPhilly's Tall Ship Festival headlines a weekend of local fun for Memorial Day weekend: https://t.co/9mOOPOCOTC
Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump got clearances on or around the same day. Dozens of others in White House are still waiting for theirs. https://t.co/Jsep0uz1TX
The Rarest Experience calls itself a "beer fest for beer geeks" with 30 rare brews is happening today in Hollywood. 21 more ideas about what to do this Memorial Day #weekend. https://t.co/tvIEeqWBVL
@NYCFirstLady @HISD_Supe jo @NYCMayorined the fun at the Learning Through Play Pre-K Center in the Bronx before announcing 3,257 f @NYCSchoolsamilies would receive offers for free full-day, high-quality #3KforAllEd Reed/Mayoral Photography Office https://t.co/iTsw1WzrKB
@NYCFirstLady @HISD_Supe registered to vote at the Manhattan Hunter Science High School during New York City’s first-ever citywide Student Voter Registration Day on Monday. Michael Appleton/Mayoral Photography Office https://t.co/
It would take one thousand years for a Walmart employee to earn as much as the CEO makes in one year.

One. Thousand. Years.

Income inequality is rampant – and it’s destroying our country.

I congratulate all my young friends who have passed the CBSE Class XII examinations. I also congratulate their parents, teachers and school support staff who played a key role in the children's success. Best wishes to my young friends for their future endeavours.
Please do not say "Happy Memorial Day." Each year, I reiterate that this is not the proper salutation to convey the very solemn importance of this weekend. Here's why: https://t.co/K4twuY2khG #MemorialDayWeekend2018 #MemorialDayWeekend #MemorialDay2018 #tcot cc: @GMCstory
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