Gynecologist shuts down man over TikTok: ‘You’ve never been allowed near a vagina’

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PM: “I’m going to get on with the job” - judging on past performance, that would be the job of lying, blaming others, evading responsibility, and destroying trust at a time when it is needed most #PMQs 

PM’s “apology” for not knowing about the party happening in Downing Street fools no-one. This is happening on his watch in the place he lives - he needs to take responsibility rather than throwing his staff under the bus. He has to resign #PMQs 

“Never apologise. Never explain” has long been @BorisJohnson’s watchword. He has now apologised & he has explained …that it was all someone else fault. He’s threatened those who work for him with disciplinary action. Those who trash their staff often live to regret it. #PMQs 

The default solution for big government types like Biden and Fauci is always more rules, more regulation and less of your liberty.

Grandmother who had world’s first Covid jab urges vaccine take-up on anniversary

Brits share moving stories of spending Christmas alone amid No 10 party allegations

'We all are together', asserts suspended Rajya Sabha MPs. Watch this report by @mausamii2u  to know more. #ReporterDiary  #RajyaSabha 

PM came armed w apology & promise of an investigation & consequences if there had been party. But Starmer pressed the wound PM so obviously struggling to cauterise again & again. Most difficult moment was when KS evoked the Queen & asked PM if he had the moral authority to lead

Possible reasons that might have led to chopper crash involving CDS Gen Bipin Rawat#news  #chiefofdefencestaff  #BipinRawat 

Serum Institute of India #SII ) Executive Director Dr. Suresh Jadhav passed away in #Pune  at the age of 72 @snehamordani