White House

Climate activists go on hunger strike outside the White House

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White House

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If we’re serious about protecting the right to vote, we must stop partisan gerrymandering. That means passing the Freedom to Vote Act.

Americans know who to blame for empty shelves, rising prices, and plummeting real wages. Joe Biden.

Today, the Senate voted to advance Rachael Rollins' nomination to serve as the next U.S. Attorney for the District of Massachusetts. The Senate is setting aside unfounded attacks on a supremely well-qualified woman & moving swiftly toward her confirmation.

Quote: "If you count only the ships waiting within 40 miles of the ports, which was the standard measure, it is true that the number of waiting ships has declined by over 40 percent...But more ships are now waiting outside that zone than inside it."

Being able to afford the prescription drugs you need to stay alive is not a luxury. It’s a necessity.

“We need clear guidance...we’re getting Peppa Pig and spin and that is not good enough.” @TheoPaphitis  says the government’s response to the Omicron variant is “nonsense and spin” and people are getting frustrated. #bbcqt 

What will it take for Republicans to finally say enough is enough on gun violence? Congress must not continue to sit on the sidelines while children are gunned down at school.

There’s some talk of trying to get the spending bill through the Senate tonight. Crazier things have happened but the deadline isn’t for 30 hours so I’m skeptical

Pundits poring over the electoral map daily all reach the same conclusion – the minimum net seven seats Labor must win to form government are not easily identifiable.