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Man arrested at DC checkpoint with loaded handgun and fake inauguration credentials

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And with that impressive CPAC poll result of one percent, Pence reaps harvest of almost five years of putting his reputation and life at risk for Trump. Shrewd!

America is back as a partner and a world leader.

Taking care of young children is hard, essential work. But child care workers don’t make enough to support their own families. We need public investment to pay child care providers like the educators they are, while making care affordable for families.

CPAC staw poll winners: 2010: Ron Paul 2011: Ron Paul 2012: Mitt Romney 2013: Rand Paul 2014: Rand Paul 2015: Rand Paul 2016: Ted Cruz

I’m holding all Oregonians and our state in my prayers today as we mark this grim anniversary.

Best thing Trump said in this speech: "Everybody, go get your shot." Sure, it was couched in insults, but with Republicans being the ones least likely to get a vaccine, they need to hear it from people they listen to.

Letters: I look forward to a time filled with less anxiety about Covid-19

How did we get to a place in senior political life where the only test of conduct is criminal liability? I’d have thought we wanted a slightly sterner moral centre than that.

@VP : Our strength at home depends on what we do abroad.

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This troubling report about missing and murdered indigenous persons highlights the pressing need to hold accountable the perpetrators of these brutal crimes and to better support tribal communities in Oregon & nationwide.