Dominic Cummings

Police chief says Dominic Cummings has made 'mockery' of police action

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Dominic Cummings

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Will be speaking at 7:00 P.M. Thank you for all of the nice comments on the Mount Rushmore speech last night!!!

Big 4th of July Air Show soon coming down the East Coast. Get ready to look up to the sky. Check local listings!

This would be the beginning of the end. He has no clue, but he wouldn’t be calling the shots!!!

Racism is used by those with wealth and power to divide those with neither, so they won’t see where all the wealth and power have gone.

This year brings the Presidential celebration of the Fourth of July back to the South Lawn, with music, military demonstrations, and flyovers to honor our service members and veterans! #Salute2America 

This July 4th remember — real patriots wear masks. #NewYorkTough 

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The future of our country relies on everyone raising their voice and casting their ballot in November. Register to vote now at .

Visit RjSbS6zYyK for more details and the livestream of tonight's all-American celebration! #Salute2America  US