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The most impactful thing we can do is STAY HOME. Practice physical distancing. Take this seriously.

My gym just charged my credit card the usual monthly fee for a service they have no intention of providing, given that all gyms are closed and everyone at the gym has already been laid off. No response to multiple cancellation requests sent weeks ago. How is this not fraud?

Legendary College Football Coach Says America Will Beat Coronavirus Like We Beat The Nazis On D-Day

The twin crises we’re facing — pandemic plus economic downturn — are revealing with unique force how exposed individuals have been left by our failure to invest in public health and a robust welfare state. I relied on @JedediahSPurdy  for this point:

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under subsequent questioning by @IChotiner  , the now-proven-wrong brainiac said: “you’re going to say I’m a crackpot. “you are a complete intellectual amateur. “you just don’t know anything about anything - you’re a journalist. “would you like to compare your résumé to mine?”

Adelson said paying employees who aren’t working is not only the right thing to do. It’s also “good business.”

Spoke to Sen. Gardner about his request for a probe into possible mismanagement of the national stockpile of ventilators and other equipment: “any kind of mismanagement or abuse needs to be rooted out and those responsible held accountable.”

HHS redistributes medical supplies seized from seller suspected of hoarding

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Asked him if this was response to Kushner's "not supposed to be states’ stockpiles" comment. He said no, but added: “I don’t know what Kushner was talking about, what he meant. But the stockpile is for the country. And the country is made up of states in the federal government"

Cory Gardner, in a very interesting move, is calling for a probe of the national stockpile screwups