Game Thrones / Rory Mccann

Game of Thrones star Rory McCann says he was living in a tent and ‘stealing food’ before show

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Game Thrones / Rory Mccann

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The Biden-Sanders unity plan takes a sledgehammer to charter schools, punishing students for their zip codes. No one will be SAFE in Joe Biden’s America!

Fmr. Obama education secretary Arne Duncan was asked repeatedly by Fox’s @SandraSmithFox  to cite data in support of his warnings against opening schools. He cited nothing. There’s a reason for that. Nearly all the data point the other way.

The White House is actively trying to discredit its own medical professionals and health experts. This is not normal. And it does nothing to help a suffering nation.

Whatever your view on MS-13 or on the death penalty, ask yourself this: have you ever heard Trump call for the death penalty for a white supremacist terrorist? Have you ever heard him passionately denounce white supremacist murderers as "monsters"? You know the answers - and why.

#BREAKING US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo calls for a united fight Watch#IndiaFirst  LIVE, with @gauravcsawant : #India  #UnitedStates  #China 

“Joe Biden, a person who has been in Washington his whole life, who has never had a job outside of Washington, who has never created a business, has absolutely no clue how to get this economy humming.” - @RRMGOP 

Health officials need trustworthy and transparent data to fight COVID-19. I'm concerned this is an attempt to politicize the federal response and cover up failures. @SecAzar  must explain these changes.

Be careful about premature victory laps. A lot of countries that had once seemed to have COVID under control are now having issues. Israel is the one where things have spun very out of control. Others here may be more containable.

Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt (R) has coronavirus. In March, he posted a pic of his family in a crowded restaurant. "It’s packed tonight!" he said. He deleted it, but a spox assured he would continue to dine out "without living in fear, and encourages Oklahomans to do the same."

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Biden Leads Trump In Battleground States, According To CNBC Poll