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Everton fan who tried to hit Lyon player while holding his son speaks out https://t.co/Kf6BKuApCl
Circuses have just banned using elephants https://t.co/Z7PaZTgS96
Gemma Collins falls down giant hole on stage at Radio 1 Teen Awards https://t.co/2kqz0F2AKA
How do women navigate sex and dating in the wake of #MeToo? https://t.co/MlmhGz4rAi
This is how to get rid of Trump https://t.co/EMNYaHNFhS
A photographer spent years capturing museum visitors who match artworks and the pictures are incredible https://t.co/vve98uSngQ
This is what will happen to expats living in Spain after Brexit https://t.co/A7D65tEQQl
Gunman holding two hostage at bowling alley in Nuneaton https://t.co/T8qZ01VmWh
Labour will back Tory rebels on final deal, says Keir Starmer https://t.co/dkLV0Z9BnD
Gemma Collins falls down giant hole on stage https://t.co/2kqz0F2AKA
Donald Trump might support regulating political ads on Facebook https://t.co/hxr1tG5yGF
Trump says he would not be President without Twitter https://t.co/Rwuo1MK8YN
This is why the Queen never needs a passport https://t.co/ZKyPcaIV83
Jeremy Corbyn condemns Clive Lewis's 'completely unacceptable' comments https://t.co/xp1EVlnKO7
One more missile strike could be the end for North Korea, warns top Chinese academic https://t.co/0q22FzTH6a
Prisoners being 'failed' by probation reforms as growing numbers of offenders sent back to jail, say Labour https://t.co/st86JFwJpU
Female teacher charged after 'having sex with 15-year-old girl up to 10 times in classroom' https://t.co/6pRqbXJjuA
Hillary Clinton tried to use the oldest trick in the book to get out of going to Trump's inauguration https://t.co/4ycMe1KiSY
The Cuban great-grandfather who exposed JFK killer's links to the CIA https://t.co/rCSW1YlT33
Paddington 2 producer seeks to cut ties with Weinstein Company https://t.co/F6W96WOHfC
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