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Dyson moving headquarters from UK to Singapore https://t.co/1kMO4mU9ba
EU confirms it would enforce a hard border in Ireland in event of no-deal Brexit https://t.co/UI9aBWzIi9
Ant and Dec in emotional NTAs win for best presenters https://t.co/pkROkZuJHf
Emiliano Sala feared dead after plane goes missing over Channel https://t.co/Zse4Pmk2eN
Woman tells man getting a pedicure to ‘eat my p***y’ in homophobic tirade https://t.co/6nmXQT4IP6
Cabinet ministers push for Theresa May to back time-limited backstop plan https://t.co/kWAmSV675c
The reasons why Bohemian Rhapsody faced such a massive backlash https://t.co/llDGNmmsn9
Stranger steps in to help woman after bullies film her trying to lose weight at gym https://t.co/W9xwbKTZuz
The madcap film career of Salvador Dali https://t.co/HN50pwZNrh
Dancing on Ice viewers criticise judge Jason Gardiner for body-shaming Gemma Collins https://t.co/xMdU7AwI4L
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