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Wife, her lover and his daughter jailed for plotting to kill her terminally ill husband https://t.co/8hxIDGwnY3
Jude Law defends Woody Allen's 'A Rainy Day in New York' after Amazon shelves it https://t.co/Hb0jFXk7QY
This is why many Americans don't celebrate Thanksgiving Day https://t.co/Ic6VGFbtPx
Arsenal planning to promote Sven Mislintat to technical director as internal restructuring continues https://t.co/I0L1FXvNnO
Longest continual timelapse from space released for the ISS' 20th birthday https://t.co/dnOK0P1aNc
This is a perfect explanation for why people don't need to buy diamonds https://t.co/qlowfa4KVK
Five years on, Ukrainians ask if the Maidan revolution was really worth it https://t.co/PbmucwgnR6
Theresa May accused of fuelling hate crime over claims EU migrants 'jump the queue' https://t.co/5QSW1D8n5X
10 of the best hotels in Reykjavik https://t.co/9BbwGNsrDc
No, Ilhan Omar doesn't want to enslave all white men https://t.co/8LLld0GSCm
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