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Muslim woman perfectly shuts down bigot asking her why she was driving https://t.co/T7ihLCI3gf
Aliens actor Al Matthews dies aged 75 https://t.co/tMQqzfbnp6
How good is your grammar? Take the quiz https://t.co/LGgeo4urP2
British woman jailed in Egypt for smuggling painkillers loses appeal https://t.co/IlMFdqpusI
People are sharing the ridiculous arguments they have gotten into at pub quizzes https://t.co/QgEoJlTn3i
Labour to consider scrapping universal credit reforms in major overhaul of' toxic' welfare system https://t.co/wf0bFGmbhn
Aliens actor Al Matthews dies aged 75 https://t.co/KRdytvmYE0
Everyone should read this guide about what to do if you see Islamophobia https://t.co/aH2LblgdIe
'Cuban' cruise passengers will spend less than a day on the island https://t.co/poBM9pSB0H
Death toll soars in Yemen's Hodeidah as world leaders gather for United Nations General Assembly https://t.co/UjTsRaxSib
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