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The Gates Foundation is setting up a $6 billion business opportunity in toilet technology @kline_maureen 

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What you really need to know about coffee's health effects

It's a near-impassable barrier for small vendors--and it comes at an extremely inconvenient time @c_albertdeitch 

U.S. cities experiencing the fastest growth are clustered in these regions @emilycanal 

On the latest episode of the Founders Project with @alexavontobel  podcast, @rhobusiness  co-founder Everett Cook shares why over-communication is key for a strong partnership.

Trump's latest tariffs on European products are causing retailers to worry.


Newly Retired Marshawn Lynch Has Saved Nearly All of His $49.7 Million From His NFL Career

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The world's most successful people start their day at 4 a.m.

3 Ways Successful Leaders Thrive in Tough Situations @chrisdessi 

Harvard spent 79 years studying the lives of 724 men to determine what keeps people healthy and happy. They discovered it has nothing to do with fame, wealth, social class, IQ, or genes, but instead, a single trait.

A Harvard study just revealed that PowerPoint is a colossal waste of time and money. @Sales_Source 

Brilliant but unsetting app will let you point yor smartphone at someone and learn who it is. @MindaZetlin  @Blippar 

Neuroscientists just discovered that coffee and chocolate make you smarter. Insanely great news. @Sales_Source 

Why Taylor Swift Might Be the Most Incredible Person in American Life @jeff_haden