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8 volumizing shampoos that will give you the thickest hair of your life. https://t.co/dXzpPupEgC
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These 15 plaid pieces will help you master fall dressing. https://t.co/roDIuzkf1z
These 6 beauty products with retinol will transform your skin. https://t.co/KjqNpnsMvW
#RebelWilson hilariously called out Julia Roberts for wearing the same lilac pantsuit as #ElizabethStewart, while presenting her with Stylist of The Year at the #InStyleAwards. 🤣
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#KendallJenner posed in an afro and people are NOT happy about it. Here's why. https://t.co/PgKkXXcAsH
.@HoulahanForPa is one "Badass" veteran who wants to break up Pennsylvania's all-male delegation. Here's how she plans on doing just that. https://t.co/ZhobPfrCRT
"I think the idea that because you love someone and someone loves you that this person now has to live only for you, for me, that’s just never worked." @jadapsmith opens up about redefining her marriage with @willsmith. https://t.co/ErixrLAy2X
#MeghanMarkle and #PrinceHarry are delaying their U.S. tour‚ here's why.
#KateMiddleton just wore one of the rarest jewelry honors #QueenElizabeth can give — and it's NOT a tiara. https://t.co/0QoklhDspf
One surprising thing from #JeffGoldblum's background influences his style — and we're *so* happy it does.
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