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@jcbehrends  @SZTFW  all those Nazi caricatures you've seen through the years meld into your subconscious and mirabile dictu! look what you produce, @SZ 

European countries of the appeasement/"but our economy!" persuasion would do well to read what genuine democratic Russian leader, @andreivkozyrev  writes: via @JoDemocracy 

One of the more intelligent pieces on the issue of Finnish and Swedish NATO membership. via @acast 

Superb essay from @cjcmichel  It's also what the "post-colonial studies" academic industry has assiduously avoided since the 1960s.

Russian State Media Won’t Stop Complaining About the Grueling Cost of Vladimir Putin’s War in Ukraine

Ukraine Should Wait on Cease-Fire Talks With Russia. Here’s Why. via @CFR_org 


Every serious media outlet in the West tomorrow morning needs to ask what Scholz, Macron, Orban and Biden et al. have to say about the Bucha massacre. And what they are going to do about it. @nytimes  @washingtonpost  @faznet  @lemondefr  @hsfi  @SvD 

Russians executing civilians. Surprised, anyone? But we must not humiliate Putin, right?

Accepting apologies now here for all the patronizing nonsense from Western Europeans I had to listen to for 31 years telling me we Estonians were "paranoid" about Russian behavior.

Don't look away. Look at what the Russians did. Share these pictures. Especially with Russians who think this is all wonderful. And government officials who worry about gas prices. Never again is just a pitiful slogan for countries doing nothing.

This is not just an article, this is a truly good essay. Rarely have I read anything this well written from any politician. Do read it. It puts all the usual boilerplate, happy talk and empty clichés to shame. I am genuinely impressed. I rarely am.

Putin, the strategic genius. In less than a 6 weeks accomplishing what has been impossible since NATO's founding in 1949