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@Mobileer  Who knows? Why would anyone other than the person whose job it is to plan these things? I count four on the particular 40 km stretch of the 4-lane highway I regularly take through rural Estonia.

A Political Union Between Russia and Belarus Is Creeping Closer

@Reverend_Lyn  @errnewsT  @kaimarkaruhe  point is the existing 2fa system does not require a third form of identification. Facial recognition is completely unnecessary. This is an issue only for a luddite "IT-minister " who knows nothing about IT, least of all how 2fa works.

As we can see, for this government, it's all panem et circenses #ERR 

All you people in the US talking about or worse, posting pics of your turkeys, etc are making me extremely hungry.

People get real jail time for torturing animals.

We've got a marriage referendum to pay for.


So the new DNI, in releasing the sealed transcripts, seems to prove Flynn did worse just than lie to the FBI, and brings the whole issue of collusion back to the front burner. Somehow I don't think this was what the White House really wanted with its Friday post c.o.b. news drop

“Great! No more tedious US lectures on rule of law, fair trials, evidence, equality before the law, transparency, corruption, free and fair elections” — some 130 governments around the world right now.

Fox News sued for 'willfully and maliciously deceiving public' about the dangers of the coronavirus

A stunning, gobsmacking article: it's all far worse than even I, with my preternatural pessimism, could ever have imagined. The US is in genuinely serious, serious security trouble. As are we, America's allies.

I am not sure people get the enormity of the ranking member of HSIC secretly flying off in between congresses (hence untraceable) to meet a former prosecutor both the US *and* the EU pressured Ukraine to fire for blatant and massive corruption... to get dirt on an American.

Now why on earth would the president go after a justice dept official who investigates Russian organized crime ????

We may as well be watching newsreels approved by the Soviet Politburo. We’re witnessing the falsification of history in real time.

Rudy Giuliani saying the @nypost ⁩ is the only newspaper in the US that would run his bizarre story and not fact-check it perhaps is not the resounding endorsement for paper he thinks it is.