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@PaulTobin  1930s cold-weather clothing technology: "No, in the future we'll have made HUGE changes and improvements. I need to come up with something new. " 1930s ski equipment: "Perfect as-is. Humanity has already found the pinnacle of this technology. No changes needed whatsoever. "

Being unable to proceed further in the game until I type in the nth word from the nth page of the booklet that came with it.

@Ohthatflo  Yuppers. The user experience with copper is that you plug it in and it works (except if your hardware is physically broken). With Bluetooth, it works _if_ a certain number of conditions have been met. USB means there's one less thing I'll potentially need to troubleshoot.

@xeni  I aspire to become one of those really cool elderly people who inspire young people to look forward to getting old. https

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What promises to be an AMAZING new documentary about the making of the groundbreaking game MYST, by my pal @PhilipAShane , is tantalizingly close to getting funded, with only a few days left in its Kickstarter. Let's send it over the top!

Oh, doubleplus YES. This was such an important pick, not least because...Biden is eminently qualified but old.

Side note: I hope that four years of Trump filling every possible seat and office with useless ass-kissing yes-men has left us WANTING a President who picks people who disagree with him and are willing to argue for what they believe.

@xeni  I often think of a time in DC when I got caught in the heaviest percussive rain I can remember. I didn't have an umbrella, and I couldn't shelter because I had to catch a train. I had to accept that I'm wet and MISERABLE and push on, and also remind myself it wouldn't be forever.

Go ahead and finally clear off your side table...the one that accumulates layers of clutter. But STOP before you reach the pre-pandemic strata. The sight of all of those theater programs, restaurant biz cards, comics I got at an indie press con, etc. definitely put me in a Mood.

I definitely want to see how Kamala Harris addresses her past statements about Biden. I predict she WON'T flat-out deny she ever said anything of the kind, and declare that anyone who brings it up is a dangerous radical with an irrational hatred of her and America. Unlike, hmm...


I was recording the #oscars  to a hard drive. This frame clearly shows that Warren Beatty was given the “Actress In A Leading Role” envelope.

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I grew up Catholic and a Star Wars fan. To this day. when I hear “May The Force be with you” I mentally add “..and also with you."

The healthcare bill has already improved the lives of Americans: it's knocked Justin Bieber off of the "Trending Topics" list.

This was't a gay issue. Just as racism isn't a black issue and the crap we put women through isn't a feminist issue. They're _human_ issues.

I was Ahmed. Except I’m white, and that makes all the difference.

The only big thing I didn’t like about the SW teaser was that the full movie didn’t start when I frantically threw my wallet at the screen.

Wouldn’t it be great if the government were like your PC, and shutting it down and then restarting actually fixed problems you were experiencing with it?

An environment where a consumer feels "lucky" to get an iPhone X, or a Nintendo Classic, or any product, is toxic to dignity and the soul.

ATTENTION Andy Weir's "The Martian," of which you have heard universally great things, is TWO DAMN DOLLARS on Amazon.

"Character" is how a person behaves when they believe nobody is watching and nobody will ever remember.