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Update: The CDC and state health authorities listed the Boise area at different risk levels. Here's why.

Idaho’s trigger law goes into effect later this summer. Here’s what that means.

“We cannot think that this is okay, this is tragic. For two children to see this happening is devastating for all of us.”

“The shark bite was unlucky. But after that, I have just had so much good luck.”

He is in the intensive-care unit at a local hospital, according to local media reports.

The famous 6-mile float is a summer staple.

Stripping away rights from one group of people should be unacceptable in a state that supposedly values freedom. │ Opinion

Subscriber bonus: Three boys teams and one girls squad won their quarterfinal games Friday.

Idaho’s two remaining surgical providers say they will offer procedures right up until an Idaho trigger law takes effect.

The Supreme Court ruling is the first step in the legal process.


These tactics play into the narrative that you can’t debate someone on the merits of their ideas, so the only device left to you is to stop them from speaking in the first place. │ Opinion

Janice McGeachin, Priscilla Giddings, Raul Labrador, Dorothy Moon and Branden Durst have embraced the extreme fringes, writes Tommy Ahlquist. Voters should reject their brand of politics. | Opinion

The report raises red flags about aging plants and facilities, some containing large amounts of plutonium.

Salmon start to die off when water temperatures reach 68. The Snake River was 74 this week, and the Upper Salmon hit 75.