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Teaching critical thinking is difficult, writes a Statesman religion columnist and retiring educator at Boise State University.

The 16-year-old began to panic during the botched robbery before she was shot, police said.

A new study suggests that certain cannabis compounds can prevent COVID-19 infection.

“He’s a guy I would stack my chips on no matter what.”

Where does the money come from? Here’s why Idaho’s $1.9 billion surplus keeps climbing

“Control of a respiratory pandemic is achieved when you have 5% or less (positivity),” Peterman said. “We’re at nine times that.”

Here’s what you need to have on hand, and what to know, when COVID strikes.

The house was built six years before one of the most devastating natural disasters in history struck the city.

She was charged with assault on a child, Asheville police say.


This sign someone put up in front of our Idaho Statesman building put a collective lump in our journalists' throats.

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Jim Risch’s track record in the Senate is one of disappointment, writes the editorial board.

The report raises red flags about aging plants and facilities, some containing large amounts of plutonium.

A complaint from a “community leader” who is not a student at the university prompted suspension of diversity classes.

Salmon start to die off when water temperatures reach 68. The Snake River was 74 this week, and the Upper Salmon hit 75.

A pair of so-called apple detectives has rediscovered 10 apple varieties in the Pacific Northwest that were planted by long-ago pioneers and had been thought extinct.

“They were trying to use U-Haul as a backup. This is traumatizing to family members.”

Sens. Mike Crapo and Jim Risch and Reps. Mike Simpson and Russ Fulcher repeatedly have taken the side of Trump over the side of the American people, writes the editorial board.

It’s not that your message isn’t being heard. We hear you. Loud and clear. It’s just that your message is dead wrong and dangerous, writes the editorial board.

Everything about Wednesday’s House Ethics Committee hearing into sexual misconduct of a state legislator cast this state into a negative light, writes the editorial board.