Looks like the coronaVirus hired @BillGates  as it’s publicist 🤦🏽‍♀️On a world tour/press tour , on tv sipping tea 😳🤔 we need positivity & positive energy RN,all Mr gates talks abt is the negativity, the only negative we want is CoronaVirus test results sir.

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Beauty influencers and makeup artists are getting serious heat on social media for creating controversial makeup looks inspired by the #GeorgeFloyd  protests.

Sue Ellen, we can listen and offer support. Please call or text 116 000. Help is available 24/7. Please RT and help #findSueEllenCrawt  16, missing from # #London  since 1/6

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George Floyd will be honored with funeral services across 3 different states in the next week:

I love your music! Happy belated birthday!

I wasn’t really in the bunker like a cowardly baby man.

What is that one thing you want to VENT about? Call us on 08102650209 #VentWednesday 

Black Trans Woman Brutally Beaten In Minneapolis Tuesday. My heart hurts for #IyannaDior . This is a sad reminder that trans women of color are the most vulnerable in our LGBT community. They regularly are assaulted, cast aside by their families and WORSE. We must do better!

What does it mean to be “loyal” to an artist, to love them, while also caring about marginalized people? And how do you educate non-Black celebrities who hold such great power and influence?