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A great publicist will Tell Tacha 2 tell her Fans 2 Vote 4 #Mercy . A move like that will change how people see Tacha, Pr 101. She’ll look good in the eyes of sponsors & the viewers & It’ll humanize her.Neva let pride & Ego come between u & ur $$. #BBNajia  #BBNaija19 

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Tacha / Fans / Vote / Ego

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We weren’t allowed to have funerals for my husbands parents who both died of Covid in nursing/assisted living facilities or have a gathering to mourn them and yet it’s ok for protesters to get together in huge crowds without masks to tear and burn down big cities.

please stop clouding the black lives matter # with your black square on instagram. even if it’s good intentioned - this is where a lot of people go for updates and information and now it’s being buried.

FALLING APART: Cuomo Threatens to ‘Displace’ De Blasio, Says He ‘Would Take Over the Mayor’s Job’

The Rolling Stone news video today is 8 minutes and 46 seconds, which marks the time in which George Floyd was pinned to the ground with a police officer’s knee on his neck, resulting in his death.

LA curfew is in order again today from 6pm-6am. anyone protesting today, it’s a hot one outside. stay hydrated & alert and be aware of your surroundings. stay strong and safe my friends.

CAUGHT RED HANDED: NY Times Changes Trump Headline After Pressure from AOC, Top Democrats

HelloFresh has officially ended their partnership with Lea Michele amid the allegations against her from the set of "Glee":

Please watch this. And please share this. Thank you @JKCorden  and @ReggieWatts .

George Floyd's family attorney says authorities told them 3 other officers involved will be charged:

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