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From now on, I identify as a Dog 🐕 owned by a single rich woman who owns an island where we live, please treat me as one. I’m tired of humans & don’t wanna be part of the Human Mess anymore .Thanks 🙏 💕🥰😍✊🏽

Why does the black media in America enjoy promoting the broken family culture 🤦🏽‍♀️👀Family is the foundation of almost everything in this world. I see so many black families all over from the average joe 2 celebrities but nah, they promote all the Rachetness & push negativity.

The average human these days doesn’t know right from wrong, can’t even decide what they will eat or drink, they just following the PR crowd Machine. Terrible terrible.

If skin tone was success, let them explain all the broke none black people in the world.There’s an entire continent called Africa with dark skinned black people who are extremely successful. Lazy untalented people always want 2 use things that make no sense.

Tried watching the show Immigration on Netflix, couldn’t even watch past the first 10 minutes. Dear immigrants, immigration isn’t as complex as u think, stop hiring lawyers without knowing what exactly u want. There’s so many loopholes & options 4 u, go 2 court & watch cases.

Why are black PEOPLE OBSESSED with people who LIGHTEN THEIR SKIN?You leave your skin to become So Obsessed with others 😳👀In my darker skin days, I don’t think I ever cared about what people do with their skin, in my lighter skin days I still don’t. Can y’all explain ✍🏽

You claim you are bullied for being dark skin but want to bully others for their skin tones 😂🤣🤣Make it make sense. The Fuckery.The obsession is so Deep almost everyone who makes documentaries abt skin lightening or skin bleaching is Darker skin.

People who really compare Nicki to cardi B 😂🤣deserve time be flogged at the market square with pepper infused canes cuz Chile 😂😂 That song Wack has a beautiful video tho.


Burna Boy is one of the biggest haters in the industry. Like I get it, ugly people are ugly inside out but his own is disturbing, he tries to hate & bully everyone,him and his Fat Ass GF, match made in hate heaven. Like imagine their conversations being hateful & about people.

NIGERIA VOTE Mercy to 32052 #mercy  #BBNaija19  #bbnaija  Link 2 vote online RT until we win

#Mercy u are truly blessed.Everything we support = Winning. #TeamMercy  u guys are the real MVP????THANK Y’all?Our hard work didn’t go in Vain

Dear #TeamMercy , it was a pleasure talking 2 u all, u guys did amazing.See how y’all went hard 4 #Mercy , I need y’all to go this hard 4 urselves in real life so u can all win in whatever u do & if u ever need my support, I’m here for y’all. (Winners ⭕️)support each other too.

Calm down guys. Told y’all I got her. No rush everything will fall in place ❤️

@etaliansblog ‘s new Tv show is fire AF , y’all get ready, it’s going down this April. Super excited she will be blessing u all with all this beauty 💗💗❤️💃🤩