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I’m trying to respond & like everyone’s birthday wishes & comments but it’s so much my eyes hurt. Thank u guys & dolls, the love has been overwhelming. #TeamMercy  u guys are the bestest, I see u guys❤️ love u all

Sending good vibes, love & light ur way, yes u. I hope u are isolating,sanitizing & staying healthy,Yes u.Stay hydrated, drink lots of fresh ginger & lemon 1 another from a far.We will all come out of this tour safe IJN 💗 #coronaVirus 

Trump is stressed, my first time seeing him lose his confidence. I hope people don’t use politics and hold back on things like meds , tests & preventive resources cuz they want him to look bad.Hang in there sir, we’ll all pull through this @realDonaldTrump 

Looks like the coronaVirus hired @BillGates  as it’s publicist 🤦🏽‍♀️On a world tour/press tour , on tv sipping tea 😳🤔 we need positivity & positive energy RN,all Mr gates talks abt is the negativity, the only negative we want is CoronaVirus test results sir.

The biggest issue in the world is , money, power & politics. People really don’t care about who is dying as long as it’s not them or their families so they hold things back from the average joe who suffers as people exercise their greed behind closed doors. #BeatTheVirus 

I recently did a #coronavirus  test & thank God it was negative, the only negativity I want in my life.I already live a low risk quarantine life my whole life but still felt like I needed it so bad cuz of people who come work 4 me at home daily. Every1 deserves a free test.

When my dr called & I missed her called from previous tweet, I almost died cuz didn’t hear back 5hrs later. Bro I was already calling places to install a hospital room in my house 😭🤦🏽‍♀️😩 Cuz I wasn’t going 2 the hospital for #coronavirus  😩 then boom I get my negative results.

I will get tested every 2 weeks until this #coronavirus  disappears. I am very much living the quarantine life but still have employees come take care of stuff, I need all the help I can get even tho I don’t meet them, u never know. Who’ll clean my house😭 shit wild


I supported Mercy & will continuously support her as we build a relationship, I don’t watch other people’s lives I barely even have energy 2 go around my house.I stand with & 4 every woman but I don’t spend my time remembering people who aren’t memorable & not my cup of tea.

#Mercy u are truly blessed.Everything we support = Winning. #TeamMercy  u guys are the real MVP????THANK Y’all?Our hard work didn’t go in Vain

Dear #TeamMercy , it was a pleasure talking 2 u all, u guys did amazing.See how y’all went hard 4 #Mercy , I need y’all to go this hard 4 urselves in real life so u can all win in whatever u do & if u ever need my support, I’m here for y’all. (Winners ⭕️)support each other too.

Calm down guys. Told y’all I got her. No rush everything will fall in place ❤️

A great publicist will Tell Tacha 2 tell her Fans 2 Vote 4 #Mercy . A move like that will change how people see Tacha, Pr 101. She’ll look good in the eyes of sponsors & the viewers & It’ll humanize her.Neva let pride & Ego come between u & ur $$. #BBNajia  #BBNaija19