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Critics say that emerging retail alliances lack the institutional knowledge to truly transform the United States’ complex and deeply fragmented #healthcare system. https://t.co/9mKZt6XqdA #IQ2USLive
Will Retail Alliances Save the U.S. Health Care System? Vote now: https://t.co/9mKZt6XqdA @amazon @CVSHealth @Walgreens @Chase #healthcare #healthcarespendingspending
"NATO has always had its share of its challenges -- adapting and responding to new threats. Today's no different. But that's a far cry from saying that NATO is no longer fit for purpose and needs to be retired." https://t.co/7HcycmMWvf
Will consumer-focused models and employer-led initiatives lead to better and less expensive outcomes? #IQ2USLive #healthcare https://t.co/9mKZt6XqdA
"The people who put together the NATO alliance weren’t starry-eyed college professors. They were the people who had fought World War II and were really worried that unless Europe and the U.S. banded together, we would not be able to anticipate threats" https://t.co/7HcycmMWvf
How Connected Is Your Community to Everywhere Else in America? https://t.co/MKOigLqgZR
Join us on this Wednesday at 6PM ET as we join @MayoInnovation for the annual #TXFM conference to debate the future of health care https://t.co/9mKZt6XqdA
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"There's a lot that Iran has been doing -- continues to do -- to destabilize the region. So, the question is how -- you know, what are we concerned about, and how do we address it? Through traditional institutions or in a unilateral response?" https://t.co/7HcycmMWvf
"The United States should be pivoting to Asia, because to the extent that we have a threat in the international system we have to deal with, it is China. It’s not Russia" https://t.co/7HcycmMWvf #NATO #nationalsecurity
"Whenever the U.S. was faced with a problem in the world, the first folks we would call would be our NATO allies. And NATO, it's like a set of muscles, capable of acting with the U.S. in partnership on some of the world's toughest problems" https://t.co/7HcycmMWvf
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