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We are America's Debate Series, as heard on national radio and @iTunesPodcasts. Help us fix the presidential debates in 2016: http://smarturl.it/DebatePetition

Latest Scoops

How @GovHowardDean Debates Liberal Moral Superiority With @nytdavidbrooks via @observer https://t.co/rhoJsPZcDi
"Millennials, according to recent headlines, are killing hotels, department stores, chain restaurants, the car industry, the diamond industry...Goldman Sachs, serendipity, and the McDonald’s McWrap." https://t.co/hogKodNHsz
"America is not only the land of the free and the home of the brave, but a place of ordered liberty." Do conservatives embody the nation's most cherished virtues? https://t.co/4Dnqu7AZ2E
"That is why you and I and all of us choose the side we're on. We think that we are standing with the righteous." #politics @JohnDonvan https://t.co/Di3u9cGkZE
Are you on the right side of America's moral divide? Watch the last #debate of the year, on liberals, conservatives, and morality: https://t.co/Di3u9cGkZE
"I hope people listening to the debate will come away with the view that there are moral principles on both sides of most policy issues" - @RosenkranzBlog https://t.co/Di3u9cGkZE
.@MHarrisPerry points out empirical markers, specifically how Medicaid expansion can alter the life experiences of people in a positive way. She credits liberals for this and uses it as evidence that they hold the higher moral ground. #IQ2USLive https://t.co/7YhEN959tO
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Debater @GovHowardDean on the defining American virtues: "The first is hope, the second is equality, and the third is the rule of law." https://t.co/Di3u9cGkZE
For @McCormickProf, America's defining virtue is “E Pluribus Unum. From many, one.” https://t.co/Di3u9cGkZE
"We all know that politics so often becomes a dirty game. And yet, at the same time, we have to recognize that politics also usually involves ideals." @JohnDonvan https://t.co/Di3u9cGkZE
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