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We are America's Debate Series, as heard on national radio and @iTunesPodcasts. Help us fix the presidential debates in 2016: http://smarturl.it/DebatePetition

Latest Scoops

"Proponents of humanitarian intervention – the use of force to halt human rights abuses – argue that the world’s most powerful militaries have a responsibility to protect innocent civilians around the world." https://t.co/cOtgX5GHX1
The international community currently faces a global refugee crisis and mass atrocities in Iraq, Myanmar, Syria, Yemen, and beyond. How should the West respond? https://t.co/cOtgX5GHX1
It's fashionable to say western democracies are dying. Don't buy it (yet) https://t.co/qRAEhn9ZNv
Russia’s Real Goal: Continue Democracy’s Decline via @WSJhttp://ow.ly/IzmQ30iA6rt
@NewsyVideos partners with Intelligence Squared U.S. to restore critical thinking. In this debate, experts take on the Second Amendment: https://t.co/CT2MJNK38i
"The stock market does not directly matter to the 48 percent of Americans who do not own stocks directly or indirectly through a mutual fund" @jasonfurman https://t.co/Yr8NtdCkW4
"These controversies point to the growing anxiety that a small number of technology companies are now such powerful entities that they can destroy entire industries or social norms with just a few lines of computer code" https://t.co/51Vhm2whmV
Does saving innocent lives justify going to war? Our next #debate will be in #Brussels on March 9th: https://t.co/cOtgX5GHX1 #IQ2USLive
Has the tech community's never-ending pursuit of convenience left us unfocused, disengaged, and hapless? https://t.co/kTg6Yb4VtK
Match Group CEO: The stigma against dating apps is eroding https://t.co/TB4NayQ3Ut
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