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Latest Scoops

"The current movement is largely about emotional well-being. More than the last, it presumes an extraordinary fragility of the collegiate psyche, and therefore elevates the goal of protecting students from psychological harm" https://t.co/V6M1pFeLRo
"This is exactly the kind of reasoning dictatorships use to shut down unwanted speech, where censorship is justified in the name of security, public safety or social harmony" https://t.co/iRha3nKaW4
Agree or disagree: "Facebook is now a vital part of our democracy" https://t.co/MqpT99VOr6
Today’s universities have come under attack by those who argue that a new generation of students and administrators are trading in academia’s most cherished values for political correctness and inclusion. https://t.co/CjyyhLQlz3
Will the Rise of Robots Undermine Democracy? https://t.co/VhfqSzxvmn
"The internet has long been celebrated for its power to bring people together. Yet as it turns out, this same technology is easily weaponized" #socialmedia #democracy https://t.co/ekH9oYk7KL
Agree or disagree: "Creating Safe Spaces on campus does not over-protect students from real life issues. Safe Spaces can equip students with tools for coping with forms of implicit or explicit injustice and discrimination" https://t.co/XRjCd9bD9R
"Universities are supposed to be places where you confront unfamiliar and challenging ideas. According to some critics, however, students today are turning their backs on that concept of welcoming free speech" https://t.co/uAe3ivfJKo
"Safe space activism stems primarily from the separatist impulses associated with the politics of identity, already rampant on campus." @latimes https://t.co/RLjleHZQ2v
"These events and others have marked the erosion of the free speech at colleges that were once lauded for their commitment to it. On today’s campuses, anyone with a remotely controversial idea comes under attack." https://t.co/UqvTUOSbUr
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