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  3. buddy the #elf, what's your favorite color? 🎄 #tbttrailer
Buddy the #Elf, what's your favorite color? 🎄 #TBTTrailer https://t.co/kupxXltrLA
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Buddy the #Elf, what's your favorite color? 🎄 #TBTTrailer https://t.co/kupxXltrLA


🚢This week in 1912 the Titanic sank.
Though the ship sank, there were survivors.
📖 Practice your reading and listening skills here with this lesson based on their dramatic accounts of what happened.
#DailyDigger "Of course we are losing men but what else can be expected if you do your job and after all it is good fun having a crack at the oncoming thousands of Huns even if one loses his life eventually" https://t.co/7IZAHcv1Fl
What's your favorite movie based off of a book?
The pants make the man.

What Your Choice Of Jeans Tells Her About You, Revealed https://t.co/SaDFS8F2qd
What an exciting battle for the lead in that @XFINITYRacing race! Nice job @NoahGragson on P2 for the debut.. that rhymes, maybe you will put that in your next rap. And awesome job @Matt_Tifft P4 and #Dash4Cash next weekend 💰
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