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  3. buddy the #elf, what's your favorite color? 🎄 #tbttrailer
Buddy the #Elf, what's your favorite color? 🎄 #TBTTrailer https://t.co/kupxXltrLA
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Buddy the #Elf, what's your favorite color? 🎄 #TBTTrailer https://t.co/kupxXltrLA


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6 WEEKS till your favorite comedy returns! @SchittsCreekPop Season 4 premieres January 24 only on @PopTV. #SchittsCreek

Watch the full trailer now. https://t.co/EAivmEVzOO
Are your favorite artists headed to #Houston this coming March? Check out the full @fpsf lineup! https://t.co/BvXwARfWWE
49 minutes
What are your thoughts about the Black Hood reveal? https://t.co/zQSwKigHKJ
What's up this weekend? Dive in, and trust that the experts at OnMilwaukee have your weekend covered. https://t.co/wbyrzhYCbm
Jaime Lannister is the "Game of Thrones" Elf on the Shelf of your nightmares https://t.co/5Mjv1TvOq7
This episode of the Comedy Button where we interviewed a former WWE storyline writer is honestly one of my favorite shows we've ever done. Give it a listen when you need an hour of funny, fascinating audio in your ears! IT'S REALLY GOOD I PROMISE!

What's your favorite classic kids #Christmas movie?

Join the conversation: https://t.co/mdBN0ZDjQr

People in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky all prefer different ones: https://t.co/G8S8XZZXYV
To win the final ticket to @Nonso_A concert simply post up a picture of Nonso on IG and tell us your favorite Nonso Amadi song and why we should give YOU the ticket? Tag @DouglasJekan follow @thepgmclub on IG
Difference between mind & heart: your mind tells you what the smart thing to do. Your heart tells you what you’re gonna do anyway.
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