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10 months
Buddy the #Elf, what's your favorite color? 🎄 #TBTTrailer https://t.co/kupxXltrLA
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Buddy the #Elf, what's your favorite color? 🎄 #TBTTrailer https://t.co/kupxXltrLA


KBS, MBC, SBS’s joint venture KOCOWA is the best place to watch all your favorite Korean dramas! https://t.co/wz7IuMJ3x4
What's your favorite Jamie Lee Curtis movie?
Christina's most prized Star Wars possession? The dome to Poe Dameron's best buddy. What's your favorite Star Wars collectible? Catch up with #OurStarWarsStories: https://t.co/MGAUliBXlz
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A lazy husband...😂😂 I'm going to get my popcorn 🍿🍿for this one 😂😂 Go ahead, give me your answer and I'll RT my favorite one! The rest of you get the ❌! #FamilyFeudFriday #SteveHarvey
Your favorite bag from the late-’90s is making a comeback. https://t.co/IDezuwb9uZ
What's your favorite thing to give as a birthday present? https://t.co/88VCoyk9jF
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Happy birthday, @Jon_Favreau! With 21 directing credits and 69 acting credits on #IMDb, there are a lot of favorites to choose from. What are your favorite Favreau moments? https://t.co/gIdqdQ201N
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