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  3. the first teaser for #incredibles2 is here!
The first teaser for #Incredibles2 is here! https://t.co/7cFYdM2FD1
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The first teaser for #Incredibles2 is here! https://t.co/7cFYdM2FD1


#Battleground | Among worrying factors for Congress, accuracy of previous #exitpolls, Modi factor

Prannoy Roy and his team analyse the #GujaratElection2017, watch LIVE here: https://t.co/hMlRpgak2y #AssemblyElections2017
If you are in Lagos and looking for a new kind of turn up.. Tonight is the first @SeraODre night… https://t.co/T0FLwYZcjh
Here are the first week sales projections for Eminem, Jeezy, N*E*R*D, and G-Eazy: https://t.co/Sf9SWtQIur
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#Battleground | The worries for BJP in #exitpoll and satta bazaar numbers

LIVE analysis with Prannoy Roy and team, watch here: https://t.co/QV4m2vDU7z
#AssemblyElections2017 #GujaratElection2017
Here is how #AFCB line-up for #BOULIV.

The 2nd most popular Bournemouth pick for the #BVGoldenGoal, Callum Wilson, is out!

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17-year-old Maame Biney (@BineyMaame) just made #BlackHistory & became the first Black woman to qualify for the U.S. Winter Olympics in speedskating: https://t.co/GXVAutrWrr
People share what it was like to become a cat parent for the first time and it’s just so pure https://t.co/QFX6TM3tKp
#OTD In 1957, the United States successfully test-fired the Atlas intercontinental ballistic missile for the first time https://t.co/LZhM7cuMnj
4 months after Harvey flooded Beaumont, Texas, many have been left virtually homeless for the holidays. Which is why the man in red made Beaumont his first stop this year, @OnTheRoadCBS reports on #SundayMorning
To a #homeless person looking for a place to sleep, a bench with an armrest jutting out of the center, small metal spikes embedded on a windowsill or a stoop built at a slant all carry a clear message: “We don’t want you here.” https://t.co/U7Ck4WGKCH
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