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  3. the new teaser for #deadpool2 is here!
The new teaser for #Deadpool2 is here! https://t.co/xR4e7uoojY
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The new teaser for #Deadpool2 is here! https://t.co/xR4e7uoojY


The #JaneTheVirgin star held an intimate screening for his new talk show in which male guests discuss the limitations and restrictions of adhering to traditional gender roles https://t.co/g8RAYKD6tO
Through the Night: a violin & piano recital from + S@romaniamuzicalchumann Dichterliebe Li@Ianbostridges@LeifOveAndsnesten here in HD sound for 30 days https://t.co/1CpEbIGWff
Watch The First Trailer For 'Death Stranding', The Insane New Game From The Creator Of 'Metal Gear Solid' https://t.co/2Gegj0zbMM
17 minutes
Here’s what fans and critics have to say about ‘Revival’, the new album from Eminem
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#WinterSession | Rajya Sabha adjourned for the day.

Track updates here: https://t.co/q2VU3GYLHk
Unsurprisingly, Premier League top scorer Mo Salah is the most popular pick for this week's #BVGoldenGoal with almost 30% of picks.

For your shot to win £25,000 for free, enter here:
Get ready for the most exciting breakfast experiences from across the world because Cereal Thrillers are here! Pick your spot and be there for a culinary treat #GoodMorningvh1
BrandOpus has designed the visual identity and packaging for a new skincare range aimed at men who care about "grooming rituals": https://t.co/u1DU5lrtsu
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Time for a #smartphone upgrade? What are the advantages or disadvantages of getting the latest model. Rob and Catherine talk about smartphones and teach you new vocabulary #learnenglish #vocab https://t.co/YuKW4YIaWm
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Watch The National’s mind-bending new video for ‘Sleep Well Beast’ https://t.co/fIImyPtglh
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