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  3. this is the #iphonex. do you want one? #appleevent
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This is the #iPhoneX. Do you want one? #AppleEvent
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This is the #iPhoneX. Do you want one? #AppleEvent


@brianstelter Part of this, I imagine, is that if you’re a loyal Fox viewer, there is nowhere else you feel you can or want to go. You can see MSNBC viewers going to CNN or vice versa. Or listening to NPR & turning off the TV. If you feel Fox is only accurate source, you stay no matter what.
We asked T editors: What is the one tangible thing you would want this year — if time, money or accessibility were no object? https://t.co/wEpRQvSadI
This is happening tonight. You do not want to miss the rest of the show, tonight at 10pm on NBC. #GameofGames
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One week tomorrow until the King George @KemptonPark

Who are you with at this stage?

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