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  3. @naughty_dog has announced the last of us part ii . #psx16
@Naughty_Dog has announced The Last of Us Part II . #PSX16
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@Naughty_Dog has announced The Last of Us Part II . #PSX16


Cant believe the last few shows of 2017 are upon us. Two more days on the @CPHolidayTrain. What a year this has been. I am continually amazed at the love and loyalty of my fans. Thank you for showing up this year, and I can’t wait to see you in 2018. #2017wrapped #hatbratstrong
This is the most disturbing part — or equally disturbing. The CDC has to give equal weight to superstition, imaginary friends, hang ups, prejudices. #CDC7words https://t.co/IRfS0QXWO9
The sound designer who gave a voice to R2-D2 is an essential part of the galaxy far, far away—but has no role in #TheLastJedi, and doesn’t know why https://t.co/Cf2Qn1krQa
Carrie Fisher's dog reportedly recognized her while watching The Last Jedi https://t.co/rMrGn0xhqm
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