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  3. @naughty_dog has announced the last of us part ii . #psx16
@Naughty_Dog has announced The Last of Us Part II . #PSX16
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@Naughty_Dog has announced The Last of Us Part II . #PSX16


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#BREAKING ​​Festival producer Danny Wimmer Presents announced Monday that this weekend’s Louder Than Life festival has been canceled due to the continuing rain and deterioration of conditions at Champions Park.​

Liberty University announced Monday that the school's impact on the local and state economies has been positive, generating more than $1 billion in economic activity per year. https://t.co/Jv3zmdXXjY
Childish Gambino has nine dates left on his This Is America Tour, but the broken foot he apparently suffered last night leaves the remaining shows in question https://t.co/piuFIpljP2
A precautionary advisory has been issued for part of the French Broad River following a sewage leak.  https://t.co/xXRs8nOnBK
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