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  3. several #ubisoft titles have joined the list of games we'll see at #e3!
Several #Ubisoft titles have joined the list of games we'll see at #E3! https://t.co/38vwIC5SYY
Several #Ubisoft titles have joined the list of games we'll see at #E3! https://t.co/38vwIC5SYY


"I'd rather ten guilty people get away with it than one innocent person suffer"

Exclusive: After Sir Cliff Richard's privacy win against the BBC, he calls for individuals accused of sex offences to have the right to anonymity unless charged.

See more: https://t.co/6HAlAYT9Eq
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Some lovely peeps are adding me to their Edinburgh ‘go see’ lists but I’m not there this year. Other projects and this show still feels very relevant & I have been touring it. I have to feel like I have something worth saying. So next tweet will be a list of acts you should see
.@Nick_Scarpino and I have put aside our differences and joined forces to become... THE LA CROIX BOYS. https://t.co/VXZkbdi6as
Join us TODAY and play multiple Full-Sail student-made games! Participate in the Smash Bros. Tournament, win raffle prizes and have a good time with us at SGX. The event is open to everyone to enjoy at Campus Cards and Games from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM.
From St. Patrick's Cathedral to the hallowed greens and courtyards of Trinity College, these spots belong on your must-see list for this gorgeous city https://t.co/rXHtQfGqGA
After hearing about the high-earners list, @BBCCarrie initially blamed herself for her lower salary, trying to figure out what she could have done differently: https://t.co/es3X4Z3LJR
Ontario's @jamesbarkerband has been nominated for this year's @CCMAofficial Awards, including group or duo of the year. See the FULL list: https://t.co/CyP8Of5dEH #CCMAawards
This week Let’s Talk Gardens is all about fall veggie gardens! Learn how to transition your garden from summer to fall so you'll have root veggies and tubers critical for your tasty fall recipes! See you in the #HauptGarden at 12:15pm this Thursday. #LetsTalkGardens #SIGardens
Ahead of a trip to Africa, @BarackObama's list of recommended reads includes some of the continent's most notable writers, from Ngugi wa Thiong'o's tale of myth, rebellion and love to Chinua Achebe's classic story of tradition and foreign influence.

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