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Will #DanielBryan as special guest referee help tip the scales in favor of #KevinOwens and #SamiZayn? Check out @TheMattFowler's #WWE #ClashofChampions live blog all night for in-the-moment match results!

#NASA uses #Google's AI algorithm to make new discoveries, #Crytek sues over #StarCitizen, and more in your Top 5 Stories of the week.
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Here are the 6 biggest WTF questions we have coming out of #StarWars​: #TheLastJedi!

The new #StarWars movie captures everything we loved about the late actress and her iconic character.

A new #StarWars #TheLastJedi tie-in book reveals the name of THAT new character #SpoilerAlert.

Here are all the Easter eggs, references and cameos we spotted in #StarWars​: #TheLastJedi. (Beware of spoilers!)

10 hours
Our nominees for the Best Horror Movie of 2017.

11 hours
Watch as Twitch streamer BeanSSBM ducks and spins his way to the world record completion time in the Oculus VR version of the critically acclaimed SUPERHOT.

11 hours
Check out our advanced, spoiler-free review of #StarWars: #TheLastJedi.

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