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Latest Scoops

This little Jaeger from #PacificRim​Uprising has MOVES!
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Dig into the strategy and depth to fighting with Kratos in this combat trailer for #GodOfWar.
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Rare studio head @Gamerboss explains how, after coming up with the co-op adventure concept, Rare explored a wide array of different themes before settling on pirates.

As excited as we are to see the #Avengers and Guardians in #InfinityWar, #BlackPanther's Okoye isn't exactly happy about it. Here's what @DanaiGurira told us on set.

Epic releases $12 million worth of Paragon assets for free.

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Former Division devs announce multiplayer title based on "Cult Classic" IP.

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God of War's first 3 hours are more emotional than we expected.

Full hands-on preview: https://t.co/DxtFbz0MZo
We got Rainbow Six Siege commentator @KiXSTArTV to critque our Siege team.

He doesn't hold back: https://t.co/sjZTG9yZsx
Assassin's Creed Rogue Remastered review: https://t.co/weqMzB51Ph
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