In my Defense

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So you mean to tell me before refrigerators everyone was just running around drinking stuff room temp. Yikes.

I hate it when someone says they are on their way & you rush to get dressed only for them to take 3 hours. Like.... 😩 My eyeliner is sloppy and lopsided for NOTHING now. I coulda took my time! Ugh!

@DYLONIPIN  I had someone in the industry tell me last week they aren’t counting bundles anymore until they have receipt of the item being shipped from the warehouse. Do you know if this is true? If so could this be why those sales were not counted yet? Curious to learn more info!

@souvenirkarma  @DYLONIPINNo  I’m not sure this is just what somebody told me who works in the music industry last week in the studio when I was talking about bundling for my single that is coming up. I have not fact checked this information but I’m wondering after seeing this today if it may be true

@alphamaraj  @dulapeepssI  @DYLONIPINt’s also really hard because obviously Merch etc. Hass to be made in advance and when the rules change so fast you may have made all of these T-shirts etc. and then they end up being not eligible. Before they even arrive to your warehouse. Ugh! Kind of annoying

No but our meeting happen in my clubhouse: cahooters it’s a place.

They def don’t have ass. I have ass. They have arse.

I’m busy washing my hair tonight, sorry. 😌


Collab with me now or you’ll end up a breakfast special peppa.

If I’m not posting pictures it’s probably because I’m busy being ugly.

Fun Fact: I don’t give a single fuck

Fuck it up video drops in 11hours! ?

My album is out ?? I fought really fucking hard to make this! and I did it exactly how I wanted to *sings* I did it myyyyyy waaaaayyyyyy I’m so happy I never gave up, thanks for supporting me. I love you! ?