In my Defense

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Where the hell was it on the store?! No one else can find it 😩

My costume was starched & structured but it kept flopping over in the humidity before I went on stage. @GanacheSilky  came to my rescue and worked magic with a few safety pins at the last second. AND she was amazing on stage too. I’m so impressed. Thankyou silky 💗💗💗

The best thing about my shows is seeing everyone there dressed up how ever they like, twerking, in drag whatever! it makes me happy as hell to know my concert is a space people feel confident being themselves in and most importantly that they know they are safe in.

I always felt like English was the fucking easiest subject ever because all the answers are already provided for you! all you have to do is READ them. But twitter has taught me, 80% of the population doesn’t actually know how to do that. So, here we are. It’s insane.

Gemini humor is way too petty for most.

Bread is the best non-meat food of all time.

@ottimomario  Sa @lggysflowsme !!! Ugh it matters so much! I hate cheap shirts with shit crew necks that loose elasticity after a few washes.

Waxing your underarms is severely underrated.

@joshua_allis  @melania_hewittt  @HollyoaksFan676on  Right, like: IM THE ONE who made the joke in the first place - on a literal JOKE segment. What’s not clicking.

I haven’t eaten Mac & Cheese since Thanksgiving & im really proud of that. Thanks for listening.


Collab with me now or you’ll end up a breakfast special peppa.

Fun Fact: I don’t give a single fuck

My album is out 😫👀 I fought really fucking hard to make this! and I did it exactly how I wanted to *sings* I did it myyyyyy waaaaayyyyyy I’m so happy I never gave up, thanks for supporting me. I love you! 😭

Fuck it up video drops in 11hours! 👀

tbh, i have no idea who this is but i feel like.... i should? who is she.

Ms Sally? Ms Sally?!... OMG she fuckin’ dead 💀

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