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Operatio #NorthernShieldn UPDATE: IDF soldiers have placed explosives in the Hezbollah attack tunnel exposed today from Lebanon into Israel. Hezbollah terrorists: enter at your own risk.
Operation #NorthernShield UPDATE: IDF soldiers exposed ANOTHER attack tunnel built by Hezbollah from Lebanon into Israel. 3rd tunnel exposed in a week. Hezbollah terrorists seek to kill innocent Israelis. We will stop them.
If you care about human rights, you should watch this video:

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During the day-long visit, the delegation will brief their Russian counterparts on Operation #NorthernShield and other operational issues.
Following the conversation between the @IsraeliPM & Minister of Defense and , Vl@KremlinRussia_Eadimir Putin, senior IDF officers led by the Head of the Operations Directorate, Maj. Gen. Aharon Haliva, will go to tom#Moscoworrow.
LISTEN: This is sound of terrorists digging underground attack tunnels from Lebanon into Israel. This is also the sound that helped us catch them before any Israeli civilians were killed, as Hezbollah intended. #CondemnTheTunnels
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A pregnant woman was critically wounded in last night's shooting attack in Ofra, north of Jerusalem. Doctors were forced to enduce labor & deliver her baby. 6 others were also injured.
IDF & security forces are searching for the terrorists & will ensure the security of Israelis.
Shots were fired at Israeli civilians standing at a bus station from a passing Palestinian vehicle. IDF troops nearby responded by firing towards the vehicle, which fled. IDF troops are currently searching the area.
BREAKING: Reported shooting attack near the Ofra Junction, north of Jerusalem. Details to follow.
The Chief of the General Staff further emphasized that the responsibility for the construction of these tunnels by Hezbollah in southern Lebanon lies with the Lebanese government.
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