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Atlantic Records recording artist, songwriter, musician.

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This is going to be fun. #CloserToYouTour with @LeviHummon. Tickets on sale now!!!
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#CloserToYouTour is OFFICIALLY ON SALE NOW! SO ready to see you guys on the road. Tickets here...
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The wait is over. Watch the #Heartbreak official video now on @youtubemusic!
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I made a brand new playlist for you guys on Valentine’s day that includes an BRAND NEW VERSION of “Wanted” LISTEN HERE:
guys...the wait is almost over! Premiere tomorrow at 10AM CST on @youtubemusic: #Heartbreak
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Video✔️ pajamas for wardrobe✔️ mysterious post in anticipation of release✔️ #Heartbreak
The #CloserToYourTour goes on sale on 2/15... However, if you sign up for my email list you will receive a pre-sale code so you can get tickets on 2/11! Sign up here:

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Boston, our love and our prayers are with you! #PrayersForBoston
Today we remember, we honor and we continue to pray for peace and love. #GodBlessAmerica
God Bless all the incredible Men and Women who serve and who have served this country! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
It's waaaaayyyy too early. Seriously. It ain't right.
My heart is broken for the people of Newtown, Connecticut. Our hearts, our thoughts and all our prayers are with you!
Houston Rodeo, you made a lot of dreams come true tonight! Thank You, Thank You THANK YOU! Wow. Just wow.
DUDE! Day made. Thank you. I need to learn your version... @ShawnMendes
Happy Fourth of July everybody! What an incredible place we call home! A huge thank you to the unbelievable men and women who keep us free!
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