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Read this blistering attack on BBC's abject failure to cover Brexit properly by @NickCohen4 https://t.co/okrrbVzZxl
How can we possibly pretend Trump is a friend? America, YES. Trump NO. https://t.co/RqNfywjhtA
Boris Johnson says “dream” of Brexit is dying. It’s actually the “nightmare” of Brexit that is dying. We can stop this madness. #peoplesvote
Amber Rudd as foreign secretary?
One toad has jumped out of the pan of boiling water. Will an even bigger one follow? Crunch moment for @BorisJohnson - my advice to him yesterday that he should - and then back a #PeoplesVote https://t.co/MIGTGaed0x
12/ We must fight this castration Brexit. We demand #PeoplesVotea at the end of the talks - and the right to stay IN the EU if the people don't like it.
11/ What's more, without free movement of services, 80% of our economy, we'll be poorer. We'll also have less money for public services like the NHS.
10/ May dishonestly pretends we can pull out of Common Agricultural Policy and Common Fisheries Policy while maintaining free trade in agrifoods. Fat chance. To keep borders open, we'll have to follow these policies too - but won't get to shape them. More vassaldom.
9/ They'll also turn PM's hint not to undercut the EU on social, environmental and consumer policy into a firm commitment - and maybe throw in tax policy too. We shouldn't slash and burn regulations. But letting EU tell us what to do is road to serfdom.
8/ EU will also insist we can't choose not to apply any new laws we don't like (part of May's proposal). We currently make the rules. In future, we'll be rule-takers ad infinitum. How's that good for a proud nation?
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