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Hey Brexiters, do you still think it was so smart to suck up to Trump? @michaelgove https://t.co/gpIUwONL9h
May's U-turn on ECJ shows that Vote Leave = LOSE control - exactly opposite of what people were promised. Much better to stay in EU.
You could have read about EFTA Court six months ago on @InFacts - your essential guide to what's wrong with Brexit https://t.co/L1oFwfwluz
Some realism from Fox's new trade advisor. With free trade going into reverse, how easy will it be to cut new deals?
Glad to hear @ChukaUmunna saying he has an "open mind" on a referendum when we know what Brexit means @BBCr4today
David Davis doesn't want "direct" jurisdiction of ECJ. Suggests he may be happy with "indirect" jurisdiction. https://t.co/TZH3HbrDFl
Public opinion seems to be turning against Brexit. Latest Opinium/Observer poll.
Gradually dawning on cabinet that we may not get trumped trade deal with US because Trump may not last long enough. https://t.co/gNTYUhcl2M
Great debunking of the re-Leaver phenomenon. https://t.co/y7oUvWax0d
A new anti-Brexit party: silly or serious? - InFacts https://t.co/ishJni9DRM
You could have read today's Times splash about visa-free travel for EU citizens 364 days ago on @InFactsOrg https://t.co/GvOolIjnvA
As a raped 10-year old Indian gives birth
Isn't is wonderful to watch Trump self-destruct https://t.co/KY6JR0POH4
May's proposal for Irish boarder is a smuggler's charter
Hey Brexiters, are you still so happy you sucked up to Trump?@michaelgove @Nigel_Farage @theresa_may
Nothing undemocratic about working to overturn catastrophic referendum. Good letter in response to my @FT column https://t.co/qE1JY4dLOA
We should fight Brexit not campaign for a soft one. My @FT column now in print https://t.co/SfP1GUVdzZ
Pro-European Brits should campaign to stop Brexit rather than for a soft one. My @FT column https://t.co/SfP1GUVdzZ
Don't place too much hope on Hammond. He's merely pushing delay to hard Brexit. Not to be sniffed at, but not great. https://t.co/1svG5Ms9nu
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