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2/ Five more Tory "mutineers" - Grieve, @ASandbachMP, Stephen Hammond, Djanogly and Leroy - are supporting even stronger original customs amendment @Anna_Soubryby and Ken Clarke - see Nhttps://t.co/oPrT1aTSxoC1
Tories may face devastating defeat on customs union by same alliance that forced meaningful vote b4 xmas. Key new amendment to trade bill by @Anna_Soubry could get Labour backing - see NC5 https://t.co/oPrT1aTSxo
Theresa's transition u-turn could mean 5 years as "vassal state" and an extra £36bn bill on top of the £39bn she's already agreed. What a botched Brexit. https://t.co/EBj5agJk0l
Will be on Sky Mews shortly to debate one of so-called Brains of Brexit, Robert Tombs
Corbyn has a chance to skewer May on the customs union. It would be unforgivable if he misses it. My latest @InFactsOrg https://t.co/m6W67DhLNl
Janet Daley talks of the "rabid, vindictive rage of Remainers" but fails to give a single example. Desperate smear not worthy of word journalism. https://t.co/x6lOYUBY40 via @Telegraph
Hello, BBC, are you ignorant or deliberately hiding our PM's u-turns. May hasn't consistently said she won't use security as a bargaining chip. She hinted at precisely that when she triggered Article 50. https://t.co/lkrvPKfnhE
I will be on LBC radio in 5 mins talking about May's Munich speech
Well, indeed, we are all "curious" to know what May wants from Brexit - 19 months after becoming PM we still don't know. I suspect she doesn't either. https://t.co/PUhn0Bu8af
Will we find Kremlin was doing similar stuff with Brexit? - Russians charged over US 2016 election tampering https://t.co/plaJKtUCYw
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