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Latest Scoops

David Davis backpedals on a backpedal. Man has zero credibility. https://t.co/5cC4UcroPL
It’s a botched Brexit, not a soft one. Don’t be fooled. https://t.co/XVHF9OBrp7
Theresa May boasts of "give and take" - she gives, the EU takes. All because she's played a bad hand appallingly. #stopbrexit
Humiliating Theresa May vignette as related by Sunday Times
Rule-take Britannia - here comes next capitulation?? European Parliament (draft) says it won't agree framework for future deal unless UK agrees among many other things this massive list. #StopBrexit
Gove says we can do deal with EU to align our rules and then rip it up if we change our mind. No we can’t. My latest https://t.co/BtLbiqpdCG
Gove is either ignorant or dishonest. No way UK can do trade deal with EU and then diverge from agreed rules as much as we like. https://t.co/W9FeuTSPls
Wanna see how May has fudged down cost of divorce bill to €40bn-€45bn? This is an excellent piece. https://t.co/o7YFVqs7to via @FT
DUP isn't fully on board with May's deal. It could pull the plug later.
wonderful piece by Matthew Parris. Canada is NOT the answer. It's dreadful. Much better to #StopBrexit https://t.co/VXZou5uzYt
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