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Latest Scoops

Beautiful Nafplion. Preparing for first ever Greek-British Symposium
Phew. Brexit doesn't mean Armageddon. Is that the best Brexiters can come up with? #StopBrexit
Delighted to be publishing Brian Unwin's first column for InFacts. Quitting EIB risks £13bn of investment per year https://t.co/6iF1F2XC90
George Osborne plunges knife again - and rightly so
Great Repeal Bill rapidly becoming Great Paralysis Bill https://t.co/LY3rMKy4Oa
Lorries queuing between Dover and Dartford. Yikes
How the heck are we going to process these millions of lorries if we crash out with no deal?
Real pay squeezed again. Thanks Brexiters https://t.co/O3zrMAh1IN
May’s transition won’t quite do trick, even if she gets one https://t.co/S7duGwzFi3
Inflation at 3%. Thanks Brexiters. https://t.co/RsfthewC4X
No deal = price of meat up 6%, price of dairy products up 8%. Bonkers. https://t.co/EUMbhq15yV
Humiliation after humiliation. Who said they need us more than we need them? https://t.co/PHDbIIip5H via @FT
Well, that was a damp squib of a dinner https://t.co/0TEcn1vT7F
Brexiters may not like it. But offering another €20bn on top of €20bn May offered in Florence will be needed even to discuss transition
No deal could and should mean No Brexit https://t.co/yXkJYzy0qy
Start of the next climbdown? May and Davis off to see Juncker and Barnier in Brussels tomorrow, says Guardian.
Telegraph says May and Hammond disagree over energy cap. I'm told he only heard about it roughly an hour b4 she made her conference speech
Brits who fight Brexit are the real patriots. @plegrain https://t.co/T7PAfk32F9
I'll be speaking at East Midlands pro-European rally 2pm today Nottingham, Brian Clough Memorial Statue King Street NG1 2AS. Join us
Trump trying to torpedo Iran deal shows value of Europe uniting to keep peace in our region. Remind me, Brexiters, why we're quitting EU?
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