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With Farage ganging up with Johnson, Labour and the Lib Dems must themselves join forces. This is a time to break taboos, not a time for tribalism.

Even better, the parties should field just one candidate in seats they can take from the Tories. The LibDems should stand down in Uxbridge to give Labour clear run at Johnson. Labour should stand aside in Esher to give the Lib Dems best chance of taking Raab’s seat. ENDS

Gove says free movement would mean "Britons are less safe". Doesn't he know that if we stay in the EU, we keep access to the European Arrest Warrant and other key crime-fighting tools? 4/

Is Gove really ignorant? Or is he lying? 5/

Here's a piece pulling these thoughts together - ENDS

It's Johnson's Brexit that will lead to Groundhoggery. Day after day, year after year, we'll wake up to news about Brexit. Only way to put this bawling baby to bed is to stop Brexit.

The radio will be droning on about the Prime Minister’s trade talks with the EU entering their third, fourth or fifth year – with no conclusion in sight. Is he going to die in a ditch or ask, yet again, for extra time?


We've been picking over Johnson's latest misleading statements. We've found 6 new porkies and 6 new fishy promises - from yesterday alone. Here's a thread exposing them. 1/

Perhaps Johnson doesn’t understand what he has signed , in which case he'll benefit from taking more time. Or he is trying to hoodwink MPs. Either way, the longer the scrutiny goes on, the more his deal will be shown to be rotten to the core. 14/

In Johnson's desperation to sell his deal, he is peddling untruths and spraying around promises. Here's our analysis of the latest 1/

Here are all those porkies and fishy promises brought together and dissected in a single article

Johnson gave 6 shifty answers to @SophyRidgeSky . As she rightly put it: "Why would anyone trust anything you say?" Here's a thread exposing the PM's latest catalogue of falsehoods 1/

Great tragedy of Greek referendum is that many of those who voted NO probably don't realise what is about to hit them

Tiny Ireland has magnificently demonstrated the value of EU membership. It got the former imperial power, Britain, to back down. How? Because the EU, an even bigger power, backed Dublin to the hilt.

Huge popularity of #thisisacoup  suggests Germany and eurozone in general are at risk of losing blame game big time.