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Here is my philosophical twist on how to get out of the lockdown

Reports of the euro's death are greatly exaggerated. My latest column

Optimists say we'll get a green recovery from this crisis; pessimists that we'll soon return to old habits. What future lies in store for us depends on what action we take today. Here's my latest column setting out how to win the battle for a green future.

Income tax was introduced in the UK to fund the Napoleonic Wars. America imposed the tax to pay for its civil war. The coronavirus pandemic is not literally a war. But it will lead to massive debts and eventually higher taxes. My latest.

Good to see @Kathimerini_gr ⁩ getting good interviews with deep thinkers. @yanpal7 ⁩

Struggling individuals, businesses and countries deserve financial support during the pandemic. But let’s not kid ourselves. Bailouts may encourage excessive risk-taking in future and provoke new populist backlashes when bills need to be paid. My latest.

Here are 4 taxes to repair the hole in our public finances - and create a fairer and greener society: carbon tax, fairer council tax, leverage tax and higher digital tax. My column

There’s growing investor consensus that post-pandemic recovery plans should be green. But what should those “green new deals” look like? How should they be funded? And will governments play ball? My latest.

Excess corporate debt makes the global economy wobbly. After the pandemic, governments should use the tax system to encourage more equity and less leverage. My latest.

Bold government action can mitigate both mass unemployment and the coming climate crisis. What is needed is an ambitious green recovery plan that puts people to work and accelerates our transition to a zero carbon economy. My latest.


?⚠️ Urgent Petition: Lib Dems should back off in Uxbridge to bring Johnson down. He can lose his seat if the other parties club together. Please sign and share. ⚠️?

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Johnson’s biggest lie is that he’ll get Brexit done. Here are 8 reasons why voting for the Tories won’t put an end to Brexit. (thread)

Great tragedy of Greek referendum is that many of those who voted NO probably don't realise what is about to hit them

In Johnson's desperation to sell his deal, he is peddling untruths and spraying around promises. Here's our analysis of the latest 1/

Here are all those porkies and fishy promises brought together and dissected in a single article

Tiny Ireland has magnificently demonstrated the value of EU membership. It got the former imperial power, Britain, to back down. How? Because the EU, an even bigger power, backed Dublin to the hilt.