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Latest Scoops

Karen McDougal says a tabloid publisher, Trump's team and her own lawyer conspired to keep her quiet. https://t.co/BjdMKCIcVv
Cynthia Nixon's celebrity doesn't translate to political experience, Christine Quinn says. https://t.co/hjLb2beBlA
Ben Carson finally answers questions from the House Appropriations Committee about the infamous $31,000 dining set purchase.
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A U.S. district judge laid into Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach for dodging her order to clearly inform people that they were eligible to vote. https://t.co/KNAhKvCtYH
“Who do you believe this serves?” Rep. Rosa DeLauro asked, laying into Education Secretary Betsy DeVos over a new student loan policy. https://t.co/EA0wHaowRj
The Trump campaign is said to have partnered with Cambridge Analytica as early as 2014, testing slogans like “drain the swamp” and “build the wall" on audiences.
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After conquering the world of pop music and enduring a paparazzi-chronicled meltdown in 2007, Britney Spears has reemerged over a decade later as an unapologetic social media superuser. https://t.co/JEtFs4zzap
He was supposed to be one of the few adults in the White House. But Chief of Staff John Kelly has proved himself to be anything but.
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President Trump said he will likely meet with the just re-elected Vladimir Putin "in the not-too-distant future." https://t.co/fFnhTg0VlY
The former Disney star seemingly hit back at body shamers with a powerful video post and revealed she’s taking time to focus on herself. https://t.co/LqcCmc4f7D
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