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"These kinds of articles make Trump look invulnerable, which makes him more difficult to resist." https://t.co/EjAjXpawHJ
Trump supporters are plotting to pop the Trump Baby blimps and launch Make America Great Again balloons. https://t.co/lqlzjKFGAT
In “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again,” @cher plays a heightened version of herself — and she’s in on the joke. Here’s why that’s significant. https://t.co/psj8dYGRMt
"Every time a survivor tells me his or her story it is like they are handing over a coal," Amanda Nguyen writes. "It is a weight I carry but also it keeps my fire to fight alive.” https://t.co/BXnUAxo2sM
"Everybody in the film... is coping with several different forms of PTSD that we’d argue everyone in this country is dealing with at this point." https://t.co/rfG2wyO5mU
"Unfortunately, she was so traumatized by the summit, she brought her own translator." 😂https://t.co/Lmwp4ieWqi
Some Republican senators will face more pressure at home this weekend to oppose Trump's Supreme Court nominee. https://t.co/EPnLm4fi7w
The senator from Vermont and the young congressional nominee from NYC help campaign for Democrat Brent Welder and a leftward tilt in the Midwest. https://t.co/COVauy04vx
Southern California rescuers are trying to track down a wild burro spotted wandering with an arrow in his head. As of Friday, the animal in the heartbreaking predicament had evaded capture — and help. https://t.co/oXzKjXImnK
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