What it means to be a woman -- and like it.

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The House speaker said the Trump administration's desire to water down a plan for nationwide coronavirus testing and contact tracing threatens any agreement.

The social media site said it removed Scott Atlas' tweet for violating its policy on sharing misleading information about COVID-19.

It took just 32 days to go from 30 million global cases to 40 million.

What is the first lady saying with her clothing? And, perhaps most important, is she saying anything at all?

If you're tired of banks getting richer while you struggle, it may be time to make the switch.

Support the Latinx community while doing your part in limiting the spread of coronavirus.

The HBO comedian made a secret trip to Connecticut last week to help cut the ribbon at the newly named "John Oliver Memorial Sewer Plant.”

The Los Angeles-based pop artist said "Somebody's Beloved" was partly inspired by the words of Breonna Taylor’s mother, Tamika Palmer.


At a town hall meeting in Johannesburg, Obama called on women to take positions of power because men are starting to get on his nerves.

Hillary Clinton's concession is the aggregate pain of every woman who has had no choice but to accept a preference for an inferior man.

"We don't need sympathy. We need everyone to respect our lives." - Beyoncé

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*White women earn 75% of what white men do on average *Asian women earn 85% *Black women earn 63% *Latina women earn 54% #EqualPayDay 

Women share stories of sexual assault to show Trump what rape culture looks like