"I’m not going to take lectures on family values" from him, the Democratic presidential candidate told CNN.

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This Easter week likely to be the toughest week yet for UK in this #coronavirus  crisis as deaths peak. And it’s started with a remarkable message from The Queen and now the PM is in hospital. Extraordinarily worrying. Stay safe and hold each other tight tonight x

Even before this pandemic, two-thirds of low-income workers did not have paid sick leave. Nearly half of Americans were a $400 unexpected expense away from financial hardship. A one-time check won’t cut it. I’m staying in D.C. fighting for monthly cash payments and paid leave.

Am told that PM's been sent to hospital for tests because the symptoms are persistent over 10 day period rather than worsening. Understand he went in around 8pm this evening

Fauci says coronavirus will likely become seasonal

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Tougher than something that can be destroyed by brief contact with soap.

Who will take over if the prime minister falls ill?

Defense Secretary Mark Esper on Capt. Crozier's removal: "The Navy has a culture of swiftly and decisively removing captains if they lose confidence in them."

We need everyone to stay home as much as possible so we can #PlankTheCurve  together. Here’s a quick explanation of what flattening or planking the curve actually means - and why choosing to #StayHome  is so important. ⤵️

Inspector General Michael Atkinson told me in a letter in March that it was a “a searing time for whistleblowers.” In America, patriots speak truth to power. President Trump has turned that inside out. When you tell the truth, he fires you.

Alfred Marshall on knowledge externalities and agglomeration: "the mysteries of the trade become no mysteries, but are as it were in the air.” I still don’t think this works on Slack and Zoom.