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Moms rave about the transformative impact of surgery. But experts say more research on the frenotomy option is needed. #NationalBreastfeedingMonth 

Clothing and beauty companies can have a terrible impact on wildlife, but these brands are working to tackle that.

One of Instagram’s most popular food bloggers shares three plant-based recipes from her latest cookbook.

The cast and crew of "Diana" will perform the show in an empty theater and put the finished product on the popular digital platform next year.

The unidentified man received $20,000 to settle a claim he was cheated when the winning horse tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs.

In an emotional Facebook post, the Fleetwood Mac chanteuse deemed the coronavirus "a real American Horror Story" and urged fans to wear masks.

Wellness rituals are no replacement for therapy.

I used to roast my friend for carrying it with her in the summers. Now look who’s laughing.

Natural hair bias exists, and now there's proof that it affects the hiring process.