Feds beef up military ranks, Quebec asks for troops amid COVID-19 fight #cdnpoli 

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I just signed a law banning "Zuckerbucks" in Texas. It bans private groups like the one supported by Zuckerberg from spending millions to administer elections like Zuckerberg & others did in Texas. That is a government function not to be messed with by election influencers.

32 years ago in Tiananmen Square, Beijing, peaceful protesters calling for political reform were brutally crushed. Since then, China has suppressed those who seek to tell the truth and commemorate June 4. The memory will never fade. The world will never forget.

And being a massive Trump fanboy, the only one at the G7 meeting.

FRANCE: Man who slapped president Macron has been sentenced to four months imprisonment

I just signed a law that puts virtual currency under the Texas Uniform Commercial Code to be a secured transaction. It defines virtual currency, establishes when a person acquires a right in it, and when a person has control of it.

WHO Chief Urges China to Cooperate With Covid-19 Probe

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Queen Elizabeth used a ceremonial sword to cut a cake at an event on the sidelines of the G7 summit

New Israeli coalition government seeks to put an end to the Netanyahu era

The Group of Seven richest democracies sought to counter China's growing influence by offering developing nations an infrastructure plan that could rival President Xi Jinping's multi-trillion-dollar Belt and Road initiative

Maxime Bernier was arrested in Manitoba Friday, accused of violating public health orders. He was released on bail later that day, the People's Party of Canada says.