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Trudeau government spent the summer making $43 billion worth of funding announcements — aimed primarily at Liberal ridings https://t.co/uZcoXQAaks #cdnpoli
Bryan Adams pushes MPs to help artists by changing law https://t.co/zAUE51NuDC
How has Sandra Oh never once won an Emmy? https://t.co/bDe53tr5Ax
Total number of provincially licensed cannabis stores in B.C. on legalization day: 1 https://t.co/3xtArFRNDa
Jeremy Dutcher wins this year's Polaris Music Prize https://t.co/0MqYpgEBzm
Dead butt syndrome is one good reason you shouldn't sit down all day https://t.co/cnyewVm74p
Doug Ford plows through rural Ontario
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Reading between the lines of Doug Ford's anti-carbon tax stance (blog) https://t.co/8E4blAUeAc
New numbers show opioid crisis in Canada is deadlier than ever https://t.co/tXqur7DNgT
Feds drop $43B in summer spending blitz aimed mostly at Liberal ridings https://t.co/qIWzwigPxO #cdnpoli
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