@Scaramucci  denies Trump's charge that he wanted to return to WH, tells me he may have waited too long to break w/ POTUS, that his accomplishments are overshadowed by divisive rhetoric

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White House, Treasury Considering Action to Counter Angolan Aggression via @BreitbartNews 

In 1997, Steve Jobs' company, NeXT was bought by his former company, Apple, making it into the tech giant we know and love today

Railways may have missed out on hitting a century yesterday, but contributed immensely to the team Environment. With 98 Bio-Toilets installed in trains yesterday, 60,657 coaches have so far been fitted with 2,17,790 Bio-toilets. This one is for a shared sustainable future.

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Solar now ‘cheaper than grid electricity’ in every Chinese city, study finds #energy 

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President Trump claimed that last week’s sudden drop in long-term bond yields was all the Fed’s fault. But nobody is buying it — the Fed is helpless to dispel fears about a deliberate policy of smashing world trade

25 y/o arrested after his X-girlfriend showed police texts that he wanted to 'shoot dead 100 people' Fundraiser for IL Dem Senator stages a mock ASSASSINATION of Pres Trump One had his house raided & is going to prison The others? No raid, no investigation, no consequences🧐

@KellyannePolls  is 100% correct. The economy has never been stronger. Democrats would rather see our country suffer than see Trump be successful. With 3.6% unemployment & booming economy, a recession is #FakeNews 

Humankind has long been fascinated by air travel. This #NationalAviationDay , we’re looking up at the sky and admiring the aerospace industry’s accomplishments. We’re thankful for how far we’ve flown.

"The Tories have lurched to the far right". Corbyn attacks Johnson as he sets out election pitch