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My faceoff w/ @WScaramucci  on why he's turned on Trump, whether his language is too harsh & whether he profits from an anti-POTUS campaign #Mediabuzz 

@CGasparino , one of the last reporters to interview Jeffrey Epstein, talks about that and CNN's Chris Cuomo being drawn into a confrontation over the "Fredo" insult #Mediabuzz 

Gone fishin'. #Mediabuzzmeter  podcast will return later in the week

Media’s Biden gaffe watch now tied to his age? Press may be following Trump’s lead @guypbenson  @bevhallberg  @cptime  #Mediabuzz 

The Mooch turns on Trump with a media blitz, saying his rhetoric has gone too far: What happened? We'll talk to @Scaramucci  and White House deputy press secretary @hogangidley45  #Mediabuzz 


Jill Abramson says the NY Times, which she once ran, has become "unmistakably anti-Trump" in its news coverage, some of it infused with "pure opinion"

It's extremely unusual for a WH to pull a fulltime reporter's credentials. Also unusual for a reporter to refuse to give up the mic after asking several questions.

Wikileaks makes top of P. 1 at NYT, WP, WSJ, top of CBS & NBC newscasts.Sudden surge because now about Hill & Bill

CNN has accepted Donna Brazile's resignation, saying it is "completely uncomfortable" with her leaking Qs in advance to the Clinton camp

The president’s opponents can call him a white supremacist who's condoning mass violence without media criticism, but if he defends himself, he’s committing an awful breach of public decorum

My sitdown with . on the media, Mueller, Russia allegations, his father's battles with the press and much more--catch our interview Sunday on #Mediabuzz 

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NY AG-elect Letitia James: We'll use every area of law to investigate Trump & his business transactions & that of his family. Imagine reaction if a GOP AG said that about Obama

The CNN lawsuit won't get Jim Acosta's pass back anytime soon--and the White House says the issue is his rudeness, not press freedom.

Trump comes out for making Daylight Savings Time permanent. I kinda like the idea. The president aside, who favors doing away with the twice-a-year clock hassles?