"This would be inflation on steroids. Tax increases like we've never seen before in the history of our country." - @SteveScalise  on the House Democrats' $5.5 TRILLION package.

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Am being told the accurate quote to the Bears fans was this: "I've owned you all my f-ing life! I own you, I still own you. #AaronRodgers  Extra savage.

NEW: there’s been a lot of chatter about why cases, hospitalisations and deaths are much higher in the UK than elsewhere in Western Europe. I think a lot of the commentary has been overly simplistic, politicised and at-times flat-out wrong. Let’s see if we can do better:

@coldplay 's out of this world performance of My Universe is using energy powered by 60 cyclists! 🚴‍♀️ 🎶 #EarthshotPrize  #earthshotprize '>Th #EarthshotPrize  2021 awards ceremony / Streaming now @BBCiPlayer 

Chika Stacy Oriuwa was the only Black student in her class in 2016 — now she’s a health care hero with her very own @Barbie  doll (with @chikastacypoet )

As a woman was being raped while on a train near Philadelphia on Wednesday night, riders watched, failed to intervene and did not call 911, the authorities said.

Couple more bits based on common feedback: • UK — and in particular England — late vaccination of children definitely a factor too (we addressed this in the story FWIW). Not so much because of direct risk to kids, but kids spread to older groups

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Former U.S. President Bill Clinton walked out of a California hospital after being admitted last week

Spain has one the highest vaccination rates in the world without government mandates or incentives. Here is what's behind the Spanish success story and what others could learn from it👇

The divide in Congress “isn’t really between progressives and moderates,” writes @michelleinbklyn . “It’s between the vast majority of Democrats and a few holdouts in both chambers.”

Netflix's 'Squid Game' estimated to be worth about $900 mln - Bloomberg News

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